The blind sword saint is back! IGN has featured the first screenshot of Kenshi, battling Kotal Kahn in the newly announced Mortal Kombat X mobile.

A thumbnail appeared as a story preview on the site, with the full screenshot appearing exclusively on the IGN mobile app. A fitting home for the mobile reveal of a new character. No word on Kenshi's status for consoles & PC. NetherRealm Studios' previous console counterpart mobile title Injustice: Gods Among Us did not feature exclusive characters until later in its lifespan.

The screenshot ends months of speculation about the character, who was last seen as a downloadable extra included in Mortal Kombat (2011). Rumors of a Mortal Kombat X return began in October, when Creative Director Ed Boon shared a photo from the motion capture studio. Further teases ensued, including fantasy film casting.

Kenshi was the first character to appear on the page in Mortal Kombat X - the brand's first comic book maxi-series in twenty years [preview]. The story revealed a new relationship between Kenshi and Scorpion, bridged by the introduction of his son (and Scorpion's new apprentice) - Takashi Takeda [full story]. Takeda quickly found himself confronted by a powerful demon -- potentially explaining Kenshi's Possessed Variation in the screenshot.

Takeda was introduced to the playable roster in the recent Story Mode Trailer. Is Kenshi soon to follow? Register to discuss who's next in the Mortal Kombat X forum! Special thanks to MK Online User JaymzHetfield for sharing images.