Kountdown: 10 Klassic Arenas For Mortal Kombat X DLC
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RE: Klassic stages as DLC
06/30/2015 11:55 AM EST
mkmileena Wrote:
Wow dissappointed, I thought I just missed some big announcement for real dlc.


I want the Beetle lair to return.

I know. I thought the same thing at first, especially after reading the thread about how a lot of klassic arenas are on kards in the game.

I would also love to see the Beetle Lair return. Also:

The Netherrealm Prison (with the giant fan)
Reptile's Lair
The Dead Pool
The Pit II
The Portal
Acid Bath
House of Pekara
Golden Desert
Falling Cliffs
Hell's Foundry What would be really nice is if they could find a way to program stage fatalities into these new stages. I'm not even sure if that is something they are able to do technology-wise though.
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RE: Klassic stages as DLC
12/30/2015 04:35 PM EST
Just to name a few...

-House of Pekara
-The Lava Shrine
-Lung Hai Temple
-Sarna Ruins
-Kuatan Palace
-Dragon Mountain
-Lower Mines
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RE: Klassic stages as DLC
03/07/2016 10:02 AM EST
Because it's the last chance to bring back truly classic stuff before moving on WITH the new generation. MK9 cleaned up the timeline, MKX is an old gen/next gen hybrid to set the story and clean up characters (removing, killing, destroying, consolidating, ...) while introducing the new ones. The next step is a standalone MK11 where the next gen is fleshed out and takes center stage, bringing new elements and new stories in a streamlined plotdecor (less netherream, more earth vs outworld), the classic gameplay stuff is consolidated into new and existing next gen characters, and the old gen characters that stick around become NPC story characters.

So actually this is just perfect. For me it is the perfect introduction to what MK was and what they want it to be. There isn't much I don't love about this game. (except you, brazil pack and ninja mime cage)

I'd love to see most of these stages back, but perhaps focus on the ones that weren't in MK9 ? Warrior shrine was only mentioned once. Easily the nicest one in MK1. But I loived all those stages. I despised those boring dead woods, but as klassic stages go, I guess it belongs in there. Portal and pekara's chamber seem really appealing though.