MK7 Character Bios *Take A Peek See If You Like The Direction your favorite character is going*
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This is a story I just thought of that could be used for Mortal Kombat 7, I only thought of two for my favorite characters. I will post more if you wish me too, tell me what you think of the storyline so far while reading these bios. *WARNING VERY LONG*
Lord Raiden - Lord Raiden was once the defender of Earthrealm. Raiden was not faithful to let mortals defend the realm which he loved so. In the tenth Mortal Kombat tournament Lord Raiden relized that three mortals were skilled enough to battle against the forces of the other realms, therefore restoring his faith in the mortals whom he had not seen valiant since the existence of Kung Lao 500 years ago.

Raiden had gathered together Earthrealm's most skilled warriors in a desperate attempt to stop a threat that existed in Outworld. Raiden was well aware of the Deadly Alliance which was formed by the sorcerors Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. Raiden relized there danger when they entered Earthrealm and killed their finest warrior Liu Kang. Raiden was desperate in stopping the Deadly Alliance before they could gather any more strength and influence in Outworld and start a campaign on conquering Earthrealm.

Raiden guided Earthrealm's warriors to Shang Tsung's palace where he witnessed the mortals he brought with him fall in battle. Raiden relized that he was Earthrealm's last hope against the Deadly Alliance and he fought with all of his might against the two deadly sorcerors. Raiden's efforts were in vain for he was not powerful enough to over power the combined might of the Deadly Alliance's sorcery. Raiden was defeated in battle and was near the brink of destruction at the hands of the two sorcerors. Before Raiden was finsished off, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi betrayed each other and they sought to claim all power for themselves. Raiden gained his strength back while the two sorcerors fought each other. Raiden was ready to make a second and desperate attempt at defeating the Deadly Alliance untill Onaga had arrived. Raiden felt the enormous power that Onaga had possesed and he feared for the worst. In a last attempt to eliminate the threats to Earthrealm, Raiden sided with the Deadly Alliance to defeat Onaga. Unfortunatley even with the immense strength of their combined powers, Raiden and the Deadly Alliance could not defeat Onaga. Raiden relized that his existince was futile and he formed his god like essense to destroy Onaga and the Deadly Alliance one last time. Raiden was now destoryed and Onaga was still alive after his ultimate sacrifice. As for the Deadly Alliance, all thought they were destroyed in the blast.

Raiden was reborn in Earthrealm. Now that he relized that the mortals he once had faith in were no longer with him, Raiden was enraged in what the state of Earthrealm's defense was in. For he defied the Elder Gods whom have not any part in protecting Earthrealm. Raiden had no more faith in mortals anymore and he was out for vengence on all who posed a threat to his beloved Earthrealm. Raiden had no mercy left in his being and he became the ruthless God Of Thunder. Raiden alone ventured into Outworld to battle against Onaga and destroy all of his followers.

Raiden had managed to make it into Outworld after Shujinko, the foolish Earthrealm warrior defeated Onaga by stripping away Onaga of his power by destorying the six Kamidogu. Raiden did not have no mercy for the fool who had put Earthrealm in such a dangerous and vulnerable posistion. Raiden was no longer able to venture back into Earthrealm since the fool had destroyed the portals that gave acess to an exit to Outworld. Raiden had killed Shujinko high atop a mountain after Shujinko begged for his forgiveness and mercy but Raiden granted him none.

Raiden alone ventured Outworld and brought upon a vengeful fury upon the lands for two years. Most of Outworlds villages who did not obey the Thunder God were vanquished. The Tarkata were wiped out, along with all of Shao Kahn's existing forces from his fallen army who had banded together as a rouge army. The Shokan pledged their allegiance to the new god of Thunder and offered sacrifice and worship to him. Raiden's mind had altered since the moment he killed Shujinko two years ago. Raiden relized how feeble the underlings of the realms were and now that Shao Kahn and Onaga were no longer existing in the present realms, he would be able to control all for himself. Raiden planned a way to escape Outworld so that he could take over other realms and elimate all of those who were not faithful under him.

Raiden had found site of an old temple that was buried beneath the surface of Outworld. It was a strange void which gave Raiden a familiar sense of his past. Raiden felt drawn to this being of power and in this temple he found of a different method of transversing the realms without the use of the Kamidogu. Raiden's soul and mind were warped to this extreme power that was even greater than his. Raiden had opened up an ancient portal that was older than time itself. This portal would be the gateway to the awakening of the One Being, and slowly but surely the entire existance of all of the realms would be vanquished. Raiden is too blinded to see this threat due to his new state of mind and lust for power and order. Raiden is too venture all of the realms and gather fanatics of him to aid him in opening all of the portals that would spark the end of existance.
Cage - Johnny Cage is a notorious star among his people in Earthrealm. Johnny Cage was considered a fraud of a warrior to his people, Johnny Cage entered the Mortal Kombat tournament to proove to the world that he is a great martial artist, and to also restore faith in his own spirit as a fighter.

Johnny Cage was summoned by the Thunder God known as Raiden to aid in the protection of Earthrealm against the threat of the Deadly Alliance. Johnny Cage volunteered to fight on behalf of Earthrealm along with his comrades that he gained on defending Earthrealm previous times. Johnny Cage wished to become the best of his kind and with the knowledge of the death of Liu Kang, Johnny Cage decided that he would use all of his skills to avenge his lost friend's death. Johnny Cage also needed a new story to tell once he returned back to Earthrealm.

During his quest in Outworld, Johnny Cage and his comrades journeyed towards Shang Tsung's palace. Johnny Cage witnessed his allies become defeated in battle while defending themselves against the Tarkata that ravaged those lands. Johnny Cage fought hard and managed to kill alot of Tarkata, but he himself was defeated in battle along with his comrades.

Onaga had witnessed Johnny Cage and his allies fighting potential and decided that he may use them to his advantage. Onaga revived Johnny Cage and his comrades to be his personal servents, Johnny Cage's mind was altered and blindly served his new lord Onaga, never to return to Earthrealm again. Onaga was to rule all of Outworld and when the oppurtunity came, he would conquer the rest of the realms.

It was to a better cause that Liu Kang was once again wandering the realms since his death at the hands of the Deadly Alliance. Liu Kang had journeyed into Outworld to rescue his fallen comrades and in his quest he discovered the nomadic warrior Ermac. Ermac decided to aid Liu Kang in rescuing his comrades from Onaga's control and together they paired together and ventured Outworld. Liu Kang and Ermac managed to find their way into Onaga's throne room where he nor his warriors were present. Liu Kang and Ermac found Johnny Cage and his comrades but under the possesion of Onaga, Johnny Cage and his comrades attacked Liu Kang and Ermac. Liu Kang was however succesful in freeing all of his comrades minds from Onaga's control and together they all escaped back to Earthrealm where they plotted their next move.

Johnny Cage relized that this was his second experience with death. Johnny Cage was more determined than ever to battle with Onaga now that he was well aware of the Deadly Alliance's defeat. Johnny Cage and his comrades who were also under Onaga's possesion learned of some of Onaga's history while sharing the same thoughts as him. When Johnny Cage recouperated from his journey on defeating the Deadly Alliance, he was once again ready to venture back into Outworld and do combat against Onaga and his army. Unfortunatley for him, his oppurtunity was crushed. While in Outworld, Onaga was defeated by the warrior known as Shujinko. Onaga was killed in battle and all of the six Kamidogu of the realms were destroyed, therefore closing all of the ancient portals that allowed travel to other realms. Johnny Cage was very disapointed with this fact and therefore he returned to Hollywood to continue with his acting career.

Two years have passed since Johnny Cage had last journeyed to Outworld and Johnny Cage was visited by his old comrade Liu Kang along with Kung Lao at his home in the estate that he owned in California. Liu Kang told Johnny Cage that their old mentor and guide Lord Raiden was corrupted with wicked thoughts that tainted his being. Liu Kang explained to Johnny Cage that it was up to them that they could restore Raiden back to his former self and protect themselves against a much bigger threat. Johnny Cage was told a tale of the existance of the six realms and that there was an almighty being who created all of the realms. If this being was to be awakened then their entire existance would be vanquished. Johnny Cage relized that this was the most important event he had ever faced in his entire life, and Johnny Cage voulenteered himself once again to protect Earthrealm.Liu Kang told Johnny Cage that the portals leading to other realms were mysteriously created by an unknown being, Liu Kang suspected Lord Raiden to be the one responsible for this event. Johnny Cage journeyed with both Liu Kang and Kung Lao around Earthrealm and helped gather the remaining warriors of Earthrealm who were skilled enough to handle the task at hand. Johnny Cage used his funds from the movies he made to make transportation quicker for himself and his allies to gather everyone together.

Johnny Cage had gathered his old comrades whom he had not seen in two years and he was greeted by new warriors whom he had not seen before. Johnny Cage witnessed the summoning of the Fujin the God Of Wind. The Elder gods relized the task that Johnny Cage and his comrades were to go against and they would give their assistance in anyway they could. Johnny Cage was told that he would not be journeying with all of his comrades. Raiden's presense was unknown and he could be in any of the five realms that were seperate from Earthrealm. Johnny Cage was put in a group that was led by his old comrade Sonya Blade, together they would travel to the realm of Seido and look for the tainted Thunder God there.
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I think they would be cool if they were in 1st person like the Bio's in Deception.
01/07/2005 11:25 PM (UTC)
Great job, dude. I like them a lot. Can't wait to see what you would write up for the other characters for MK7. Keep up the good work.
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