MK9 or MKX?
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RE: MK9 or MKX?
10/05/2017 05:09 PM EST
Despite MKX having the dullest color-tone in the series, the younger characters interactions plus the abundance of guest characters, an overall happy story-line with good always winning, character personalities barely even maturing at all despite the aging, (Johnny is somehow even more juvenile now actually) and resurrections of some of Earthrealm's fallen warriors make this MK game the most light hearted next to MK v DC!

The only dark part of the game is that Liu Kang is dead and evil now, which is just stupid and insulting. That and the testicular rupturing which I'll admit is too dark even for me. But other than that, the forces of light are having a jolly good time as a big happy family! We'll have to see where the story goes from here.
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RE: MK9 or MKX?
01/22/2019 02:52 AM EST