Later this week Kitana will face-off against Reptile in the next live stream Kombat Kast from NetherRealm Studios. Before the demo shows off the character's fighting variations, the developer is letting her do the talking against Cassie Cage in the latest pre-fight dialogue clip. Check it out:

Cassie Cage: Princess.
Kitana: Your very presence mocks me!
Cassie Cage: Sorry. Did you just say 'kick my ass'?

Cassie Cage carries the comedic torch into the next generation, providing irreverent relief for the self-serious warrior princess: Kitana. No surprise. We've heard it all before, previously previewed in Kotal Kahn v Cassie Cage.

Kitana appears unmasked in what is likely a visual cue for one of her Character Variations. One of which - according to IGN - reflects a state of mourning for fellow combatant Jade. Does Jade's passing have something to do with the offense taken to Cassie's presence? It's difficult to tell if this is just verbal tit-for-tat, or if there's something to be read into.

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This is the fourth character intro combo released. Catch up with: Cassie Cage v Kotal Kahn, Scorpion v Quan Chi & Raiden v Ferra/Torr.

Will these characters have a connection come game time? Register to share your thoughts & theories on the Mortal Kombat X forum. Kollector's Edition is coming to home platforms April 14th - pre-order now.