As the name implies, Tri-Borg is a Lin Kuei cyborg possessing three variations based on Kombat's best known cyber-assassins: Sektor, Cyrax and Smoke -- or so we thought! Eagle eyed viewers of last week's Kombat Kast got the drop on a fourth Cyber Sub-Zero variation, pictured below:

The scourge of Cyber Sub-Zero was first introduced as part of the rebooted, retold, rewritten original trilogy story of Mortal Kombat (2011). Converted by the Lin Kuei in place of Smoke; Sub-Zero became the third featured cyborg playable in the reboot game. Killed during Sindel's decimation of Earth's fighters; Sub-Zero was remade human in the Netherrealm by Quan Chi -- as told in DC Comics' Mortal Kombat X #6. Allowing him to begin the latest game as a revenant, before being resurrected by Raiden in story mode.

Tri-Borg is said to be a new character with his own identity, which may not survive to be canon in future games [full story]. He reportedly has "a few interesting things" to say to Sub-Zero, and with the inclusion of a fourth Cyber Sub-Zero variation - that makes a lot of sense!

Does this new Sub-Zero variation invalidate the already hokey name of "Tri-Borg"? Does this variation tell us more about who he is? Could he be a reborn Bi-Han (formerly Noob Saibot), or a fallen Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei? Many, many questions. Register to share your answers with fans on the Mortal Kombat X forum!