With the promise of official news sometime this week, we have a fresh batch of clues pointing squarely at the return of klassic arena The Pit in Mortal Kombat X!

Mortal Kombat master of ceremonies Ed Boon was back on Twitter, displaying his second image of an MK moon with the word "ENCORE". While the first moon suggested the original Pit (by way of a starry MK Trilogy night), the latest [pictured above] has the spires and purple hue of Mortal Kombat II or the revamped Mortal Kombat (2011) version.

Encore could refer to the fact this will be a faithful recreation of a klassic arena, but as its a second moon, it may also suggest The Pit in MKX will come with more than one appearance. Several Mortal Kombat X arenas have two slightly distinct versions, some signifying the invading corruption of Shinnok: The Dead Wood, Sky Temple, Jinsei Chamber.

With the klassic focus revisiting territory already covered in the last game, and a lot of memorable arenas created for that game, "encore" could also hint at the remastering of existing assets. The encore image appears to directly reference MK2011 artwork [read more].

Further cementing expectations for a throwback Pit are new textures uncovered by Mortal Kombat Online affiliate Murdoink! The moon is a given at this point, with silhouettes of Santa Claus and a witch directly calling back the original Mortal Kombat Pit!

Silhouettes could be seen floating past the moon in versions of Mortal Kombat alluding to opportunities to unlock the series' original hidden character: Reptile.

The new assets can't be presumed to suggest a hidden character will find his way into the new game. Once traditional secret characters have become a thing of the past for modern Mortal Kombats in lieu of DLC. It is, however, all but confirmation of The Pit's return!

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