We are excited to join our partners over at the Mortal Kombat Subreddit this weekend and throwback to a Klassic for an exclusive one night Mortal Kombat X Survival Saturday on PlayStation 4!

This exclusive kommunity event is a Survival King of the Hill competition where the player with the biggest streak in the show's two hour stream period is declared the Ultimate Survivor. Your health during the match carries over to the next round, raising the overall intensity and stakes throughout the evening.

To play, join the Survival Saturday room this weekend in Mortal Kombat X, and jump into event organizer Survived Kombatant’s Survival KOTH lobby. No prior registration is required to compete!

You can expect some great surprises from the lore master himself, Tabmok99, and also hear some exclusive new announcer sound bytes from the legendary Tim Kitzrow of NBA Jam fame! We look forward to you joining us! Watch this special event LIVE on Saturday, March 12th at over on our Twitch Channel.