Fellow Warner owned game developer Rocksteady Studios has joined celebrations for the blockbuster launch of Mortal Kombat X! NetherRealm Studios literally took the cake -- accepting a deliciously fatal offering from their London based counterparts.

Creative Director Ed Boon shared snaps of the decapitated head cake, which we assume he did not find in his bed the morning of release. That said, given the Arkham series, we can't rule out the possibility of slow working toxins. Tasty! Update: They performed a Scorpion fatality on it - the first made for MKX. It had rice krispies inside [pictured above].

The relationship between NetherRealm and the Batman: Arkham series developers goes beyond simple corporate ties.

In 2011, NRS entered the mobile development scene for the first time, creating the iOS tie-in Batman: Arkham City Lockdown. NetherRealm Studios was also credited with contributions to the main Arkham City release. Rocksteady returned the favour, providing assets for NetherRealm's 2014 DC Comics fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us. The Arkham Asylum arena included several characters from the game - including Scarecrow [video] & Killer Croc [pictured]. An Arkham City Skins Pack redressed Batman, Joker & Catwoman in cross-promotional designs.

Arkham City Villains Appear as Stage Interactions in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Rocksteady weren't the only industry peers sending well wishes for a big launch! The team behind rival fighter Killer Instinct sent a humble message. NetherRealm Studios themselves marked the occasion, welcoming a Life-Size Scorpion Statue to their Chicago headquarters.

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