As we saw with the release of the Mortal Kombat X Announce Trailer in June - the 10th instalment of MK is a global phenomenon! This was highlighted by a packed weekend campaign that saw NetherRealm Studios scattered across the globe for live events in: Russia, Australia & Mexico!

The major story across all events was the trailer reveal of Quan Chi! The returning fighter has been displayed in demo builds in each country, bringing fresh mysteries with him! These are a few of the top stories coming out of Igromir 2014, EB Expo 2014 & Electronic Game Show Mexico!

[Image Courtesy of InsideMK]

The Demon's Head? [Updated]
Is this the first confirmed cameo by a post-MK4 character?... Fandom has leapt at the sight of Quan Chi holding the severed head of a blue Netherrealm oni [pictured above] - widely presuming it to be former sub-boss: Moloch!

The snapshot comes from Quan Chi's match intro with Cassie Cage - but the exact context and uniqueness of the sequence is not yet clear. We know to expect characters from previous eras, but we also know the Netherrealm is filled with blue skinned oni. If it is Moloch: it suggests a radical departure from the previous timeline, where ties between the two were more mutually beneficial.

"The Oni Destroyer" was introduced in 2002's Deadly Alliance as a serving bodyguard to Quan Chi. This was the legacy of the famous MK4 plot-twist that established Quan Chi as the source of Scorpion's misery, and started a dogged pursuit through the Netherrealm that forced the necromancer to recruit protection! [Moloch] teamed with Drahmin in the role - another MKDA demon already struck off the MKX list [see; MKX Deadpool]. One possible reason for the change: Scorpion didn't learn the truth behind his spectre's curse in Mortal Kombat (2011). If that's still the case in MKX, Quan Chi would never need the demon bruisers for protection.

Update Sep. 6: Mortal Kombat Online reached out to NetherRealm Studios for more information. A representative confirmed Moloch, playfully noting, "Stubby horns, three eyes and a bluish/greenish complexion? Hmm..."

O' Brother Where Art Thou?
Since the Mortal Kombat X Reveal Trailer, the mystery of Sub-Zero's identity has been of leading interest. The brothers who'd previously held the mantle were both radically transformed by the end of Mortal Kombat (2011). Bi-Han fulfilled his destiny, becoming the resurrected black wraith: Noob Saibot. Younger brother Kuai Liang was captured and surrendered to the Lin Kuei, who transformed him into a cyborg assassin - later killed by Sindel, and enslaved by Quan Chi.

Capsule Computers have reported dialogue from the Quan Chi/Sub-Zero match intro, offering the first clear suggestion to Sub-Zero's identity: "I have your brother’s soul!"

This seems to suggest one of the two Sub-Zero's we know from previous games, but as Quan Chi had a hand in controlling both - we can't definitively eliminate one or the other. The possibility of another unaccounted for brother would play well to MK Trilogy era "Classic Sub-Zero" theorists, but now that we know Quan Chi has an army of defeated warriors - it seems Noob Saibot may just be back in blue for Mortal Kombat X.

Kotal Kahn: Conqueror or Savior?
While we know the Mortal Kombat X story mode will tell of Kotal Kahn's rise and fall as Outworld Emperor - his origins, motives and alliances remain untold. Newcomer D'Vorah will work with Kotal Kahn, but he may be attempting to recruit others, as well.

More intro dialogue reported by Capsule Computers has Kahn reaching out to Ferra/Torr: KK: "Join me!" FT: "You want enslave our people!" KK: ”I wish to restore you!"

The exchange also lends credence to translations of Ferra's headdress, which alludes to a role of royalty or leadership.

Dead Man's Chest
The unveiling of Quan Chi and his new character design introduced an unexpected mystery that is the subject of our current MKO User Poll!

A skull appears deliberately encased in Quan Chi's leathery outfit, leading us to wonder if there's more to it than mere aesthetics! It appears to take on an active power during his Warlock variation, and the fact the eyes are specifically obscured is an interesting detail. Could it suggest a direct relation to a character - such as the Edenian prophet of Armageddon: Delia? With severed oni heads being discussed, we wonder if Drahmin might be an option.

Mortal Kombat Online shared a handful of theories in the design render feature. Register to vote in the poll, and post your own!

Update Oct. 19: An overwhelming 44.5% either lack imagination or just think it's all about the look - voting the skull is Nobody Special1 Not to be ignored: 19.4% think it's Shinnok, 13.7% for Shao Kahn & 5.6% for The Dragon King. MK Online conceptual favourite Delia tied with Drahmin & Kochal with 2.4% of the vote each. We'll be waiting eagerly to find out all the answers come 2015! Thanks for voting!

Army of Darkness
The status of heroes killed by the end of Mortal Kombat (2011) [pictured above] has been a leading point of speculation ahead of Mortal Kombat X. The narrated reveal trailer for Quan Chi revealed he will be in control of an army of Earthrealm revenants!

At the close of MK2011, he had already marshalled the likes of: Kung Lao, Nightwolf, Jax, Stryker, Kabal & Sub-Zero. What Quan Chi intends to do with them, and for how long, is what we wait to find out!

Who's The Boss?
Before the trailer announcement - Quan Chi topped MK Online's Top 10 Boss Kountdown. Our reasons were based on clues from the Creative Director, and deductions from existing plot lines. We now know "master manipulator" Quan Chi will play a major role in Mortal Kombat X, where the playable fighter's "schemes are fully realized". So - is he the boss?

Opinions remain divided, with his power and status still befitting of a boss, even if it means playable and unplayable variants. 8.8% of the kommunity voted for Quan Chi in our User Poll - making him the 4th favourite amongst fans. Liu Kang (29%), Shinnok (25.1%) & Other topped the list.

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