The official launch of Mortal Kombat X has brought fans together in celebration for the new game! Joining the festivities Is concept artist Justin Murray, who shared two pieces of Mileena production art to mark the occasion!

The artwork showcases both Mileena's latest alternate attire, and the inner anatomy of her newly redesigned Tarkatan hybrid maw. This is the first time Mileena's exposed mouth has included prominent false lips over her trademark jagged teeth. Ever wondered how she articulates her speech? Wonder no more!

Murray shared more of his work with us, back in February. Those images showed similar attention to detail and anatomy with an unused acid spit concept, and designs for Reptile and Kitana. Click the names to see even more concept art for both characters.

See more of Justin Murray's deisgns by visiting Super Evil MegaCorp. Is this the best Mileena has ever looked? Share your thoughts on the Mortal Kombat X forum!