He wears a dirty brown hat, he's horribly burned, he has razors on his right hand. America's favourite bastard son of a hundred maniacs is back! Freddy Krueger has the brains, but you've got the Mortal Kombat X Mobile free-to-play challenge! Don't sleep - play with power to unlock him now!

Unlocking Freddy means dragging him into the real world through five tiers of challenges! Each tier consists of 12 battles, with the exception of the final 15-fight challenge! Tier 1 is a daydream round of all Bronze Kards, Tier 2 a mix of Bronze & Silver, and Tier 3 an escalation to Silver Kards only. Only Spec Ops characters can enter Tier 4, before Tier 5 demands Kung Lao channel his martial mastery to become a dream warrior!

Submit to group hypnosis by downloading Mortal Kombat X Mobile free-to-play from Apple Store, Google Play & Amazon Games! It's the only way to pit the 2011 guest fighter against his big screen nemesis: Jason Voorhees!

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