Anniversary updates to Mortal Kombat X Mobile have completely changed the game, adding new special features and content to the massively popular free-to-play app! In the latest update, three all-new Diamond Tier characters are escalating the fight with advanced passive abilities and stats!

Ravenous Mileena
Base Attack: 1,625
Base Health: 1,235
Base Toughness: 1,417
Base Recovery: 1,105
Power Gen: 130%

Passive (max level): SAVAGE RULE - A Tarkatan warrior attacks before Mileena tags-in, causing bleed w/ a 100% chance to stun. Also, everyone on her team deals +100% more damage on all fire/poison/bleed attacks.

Hellspawn Scorpion
Base Attack: 1,300
Base Health: 1,287
Base Toughness: 1,287
Base Recovery: 1,287
Power Gen: 130%

Passive: INFERNAL WILL - Martial Artists on Scorpion’s team start the match with 2 bars of power. Also, Scorpion is immune to critical damage and takes 50% less damage from Netherrealm opponents.

Klassic Raiden
Base Attack: 1,248
Base Health: 1,365
Base Toughness: 1,417
Base Recovery: 1,105
Power Gen: 130%

Passive: DIVINE WRATH - Each time Raiden tags-in, lightning strikes the active opponent, removing 40% of their current health and 66% of their power. Raiden also counts as Spec-Ops, Outworld and Martial Artist.

Diamond Tier characters can equip a fourth "wildcard" equipment slot and upgrade the power of their passive abilities for maximum effect! With the right team combination and gear - the diamond tier becomes the jewel in a conquering crown! That's probably why they're so rare -- only available in new Elite Booster Packs!

Want to try your luck? You can download Mortal Kombat X Mobile for free right now from the Apple Store, Google Play and Amazon Games!

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