The announcement trailer for Mortal Kombat X has taken runners-up honors at the 2014 Hollywood Reporter KeyArt Awards receiving Silver!

The awards were announced during a live Hollywood ceremony hosted by actor Nick Offerman, this past Thursday night. Receiving the Grand Key Art Award for Games Trailer was Ant Farm's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare reveal trailer. Call of Duty: Ghosts received Bronze.

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The Mortal Kombat X trailer has amassed well in excess of 13.5 million hits across multiple hosts since being revealed June 2nd! The all CG announce trailer is the work of Digital Dimension, with soundtrack by Warner Bros. recording artist Wiz Khalifa. The 1 minute 57 seconds trailer showcases the latest iterations of famed rival mascots Scorpion and Sub-Zero - but is also noteworthy for forecasting many in-game features in the 2015 sequel.

Mortal Kombat X is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & PC April, 2015. Register to join us in congratulating all responsible on the forums! Revisit the winning trailer and many more videos on the Mortal Kombat Online YouTube Archive!