Skipping Kenshi for the next game!
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I seriously think Kenshi needs to be left out of the next game. The concept with a blind swordsman is really cool but Kenshi's design just sucks. Plus I'd really like to see Ermac return, he was one of the coolest characters in MK:D. That pretty much makes Kenshi useless don't you think?
03/25/2005 02:41 PM (UTC)
You stated "skipping" Kenshi... So you would agree with allowing him to return later on?
I can't see Kenshi in the following game either, not that he's a poor character but that his storyline is wearing dangerously thin. Okay, he defeated Shang Tsung, but what was he doing exactly in Deception? Following Sub-Zero around and probably annoying the shit out of him? His Ending wasn't that great, either. With so much potential as a character, Midway totally blew it on the significance and inclusion of Kenshi. Ermac is a must, possibly joining Liu Kang and his friends in the upcoming battle. wink
03/25/2005 03:22 PM (UTC)
I'm not a fan of Kenshi (can't play him for shit), but I do like the concept of a blind telekinetic swordsman.

I think it makes more sense that, in Deception Kenshi is the one who takes out Hotaru rather than a nobody like Dairou. Hotaru's trying to kill Sub Zero, considered to be Onanag's greatest threat, manages to attack him, but Kenshi steps in and defeats/kills the Seidan. Then Kenshi should miss a game, and return to MK8 or something with a revamped storyline and a better second style (judo did not suit him).
03/25/2005 05:00 PM (UTC)
Kenshi's main purpose in Deception was to return to Earthrealm with Sub-Zero after the struggle with the Deadly Alliance that he managed to miss. Kenshi was ambushed by Mavado and left for dead but Sub-Zero found him and helped him. I think I would help the man who saved my life in doing whatever he wanted because I would owe my life to him. That is what Kenshi did and together they travelled.

I bet Kenshi and Sub-Zero had to keep a low profile from the Tarkata and deal with bounty hunters such as Hotaru and messengers of Onaga and such. I agree however in having Kenshi be left out in Mortal Kombat 7.

Kenshi managed to serve his purpose and I hope he managed to make it back in Earthrealm. During the events of Mortal Kombat 7, Kenshi could keep his business in Earthrealm and avoid conflict with Raiden and deal with the rest of Earth's warriors. In Mortal Kombat 8, if hopefully there will be one. I would expect him to return and become affiliated with Ermac who taught him his telekenisis techniques.
03/25/2005 07:39 PM (UTC)
I have to say, it's rare that a character with such huge potential plummets to an also-ran with the rapidity that Kenshi did. Coming out of Deadly Alliance I saw great things for him, Drahmin, and Nitara -- I figured they were the rising new stars of DA. Imagine my shock when Li Mei and Bo'Rai Cho upstaged them.
03/25/2005 09:41 PM (UTC)
I wouldn't mind if Kenshi wasn't in MK7. I'd rather have Ermac, and having 2 teleknetic characters in an MK game isn't that cool IMO. Plus, Ermac is the original teleknetic warrior, therefore he should be the one in MK7. I'm not really feeling Kenshi's story either, it needs to be better.
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