As fans look ahead to the future for Mortal Kombat and its upcoming Kombat Pack 2 -- series head Ed Boon has commented on the long term possibilities of new downloadable content.

Speaking to Shacknews at The Game Awards; Boon acknowledged the popular request for Story Mode DLC, revealing it has been discussed by the studio: "It's a lot of data, a lot of content, but that's absolutely part of a long-term plan. People really tend to love our story modes, so to be able to give them new content is always something we're hoping to work out."

Editor's Note: This answer should not be confused with a promise of DLC coming in the immediate future. With demands of content high and inconsistent around the world, its unclear if intent is for this game, this hardware generation, or the next.

Mortal Kombat X continued to develop a chapter based, cinematic story experience that weaves playable kombat between advancements of plot. Working from a premise based on Mortal Kombat 4, the game juggled core plots surrounding the fallen elder god Shinnok and the introduction of new powerful players in the war of realms: Kotal Kahn and Mileena.

The demands of the Mortal Kombat X epic left many characters diminished or completely unutilized, sometimes at the expense of greater depth. Cameos by the likes of Kai and Skarlet were cut, while heavily promoted icons such as Goro arrived with no story presence at all. Many classic characters killed in the last game were presented with design updates contradictory to their presence in the story -- a significant disconnect.

Historically, the series has been one of the strongest fighting games when tending to its characters' development. Story Mode DLC could allow the developer to reconnect with the lost art of developing individual characters through their own sub-plots and rivalries. With Kombat Pack 2 set to deliver a new arena, story additions are one of the few frontiers remaining for NetherRealm.

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