11/11/2021 06:40 PM (UTC)

Tao Feng is Made by John Tobias who is Member of Mortal kombat Team .

I did enjoy Playing Tao Feng games it Bring me back Memories.

I was Thinking to Remake Tao Feng games

2 rivals Factions known as Black Mantis & Pale Lotus.

Pale Lotus Leader is called Master Sage & Black Mantis Leader is Called Wulong Goth.

Pale Lotus is Called White Lotus Lead by Lei Kung The Demigod of Thunder Is Called Ultra Sage Along his Brother fengshi The Demigod Of Wind they both Friend of Lo Shu Known as Master Sage GrandFather of Jade Dragon.

Wulong Goth Was Dressed up as Praying Mantis & Devil power & His master is called Yamla God of Death who have served him and his Minions Black Mantis.

Black Mantis is Brotherhood of shadow.

Pale Lotus is White Lotus this time it be called White Lotus.

I have problems with New Factions be based on Shirai ryu & Lin kuei.

Special forces are based on Task forces.

Let me know have someone got idea of Fire & Ice Factions Just like Shirai ryu & Lin kuei .

Fatalist who is Germanic mercenaries he Based oof Kano from Mortal kombat if he have his own Factions he Will alliance to black Mantis maybe we need to give his Name of his Factions along with Vapor also Member of Black Mantis.

Fatalist Faction will be like Black Dragon.

06/05/2022 12:59 PM (UTC)

maybe we call tao feng fighting x or something

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