What did Rayden actually save with his time travel expierience (SPOILER ALERT)
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RE: What did Raiden actually save with his time travel experience? [SPOILER ALERT]
02/15/2016 05:54 PM EST
mattteo Wrote:
TheRealJade98 Wrote:
mattteo Wrote:
TheRealJade98 Wrote:
The_TooCool_Master Wrote:
I wish they would have played on Shinnok also getting Raiden's visions, changing his plans for the original trilogy, which would explain Quan Chi being in the forefront and working hard to get Shao Kahn to make a mistake.

Then thinking he would be safe to take over everything since Liu Kang and most of the good guys would be is.
I think the visions stopped because the only message he received was to kill Shao Kahn. Once that was dealt with there was nothing else to receive.
Also, beyond the first message, I think the other "visions" he got throughout the games were just him remembering the vision. Like, he didn't receive a vision of Motaro killing Johnny Cage at that point. When Motaro was gonna deliver the blow he remembers he saw that at the beginning and rushed in for the save.

aw ok I understand..what do u think about alternate time lines, like in The Flash [earth 2]

Maybe Raiden sent visions to his former self in ANOTHER time line which explains why in this time line Quan Chi is @ Mortal Kombat 1 when we know he wasnt in the 1st game?

Just a thought XD

Either way I think they shud do more with the time travel side of things.

Please, no alternate timelines. That's stupid even for comic books. What is this, Sliders tv series with Jerry O'Connell?
Screw alternate timelines and fake scientists like Michio Kaku supporting this common misconception. It's dumb

O..k Im really glad u thought out ur reply! "it's dumb" :\

Thanks anyway

Spoilers: (Highlight to reveal)
ur dumb.. jokin! thanks for @ least replyin.

There's really not much to say about alternate realities as they have been portrayed in media. It's just dumb, that's the only word for it. From a physical and intellectual point of view, there's nothing to discuss about a universe in which there are alternate versions of the people in our world.
And please don't get into the infinity timelines where one such reality is definitely possible. You will lose the argument

I'm not really sure where ur gettin all this anger from :\ also, there is no argument to win/lose, it's just a topic of discussion. Calm ur passions.
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