What do you want out of the next mortal kombat
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11/29/2004 10:15 PM (UTC)
Well Im new on this site and i just want to know how people feel about the next mortal kombat. See if anyone has any ideas about what will make the game better than deception. Well i guess ill start by spiting a couple of my ideas out.

1) i think there should be a create a warrior type thing. Instead of running through konquest with some sucker that I dont even really like. So theres alot of things they would have to add. Like in konquest you unlock special moves then later you can add them to your character.

2) I also like the idea of creating your own fatality. That would also add a whole new program to the game. So hear me out, heres what I think it should be like. Ithink it should be like a 3d animation program that lets you create the movement frame by frame and there should be certain objects that you can bring into the animation to make the fatalitys more interesting. I dont know if thats even possible but it would be sweet if it was.

3) Everyone seems to have a problem with the secrets of the game. So I think they should take it back to the early mk days where certain button combinations open different menus. this should solve everone being so angry because when we opened the koffins and everything we new exactly whats gonna happen, But with a secret menuyou know how to get to it but you dont know what it is thats what makes it sweet. I think the shadows of the secret characters was a bad idea because you could see who it was way before you unlocked them.

4)Also i think konquest shouldnt be the only way to unlock certain things. For example you in arcade mode you get to the third fighter on the list and through the whole match you have to hold the stle change button and if you do that you have to fight the secret character and if you beat them you get them. Also it could be during a match when a chest pops up and you have to beat the character to death only using the koffin then you will get somthing cool.

5) Im running out of ideas probably because deception had the rest covered so if anyone has any ideas. write them down or if you wanna make fun of mine go ahead.

Matt of death
12/01/2004 06:17 PM (UTC)
For the next Mortal Kombat, I would like to see crispier graphics, and better sound effects for the special moves. I remember that in MK3, every projectile had its own unique, distinguished sound effect. Now, ever since MK:DA, the fire sounds like nothing more than a cheap hum, energy balls sound like weak magic tricks, and even Sindel's shriek in Deception sounds like wind, more than it does a scream.
I would also like fatalitites to be more unpredictable and exciting, like both of Sub-zero's and Lui Kang's fatalities in Deception. I think fatalities really suck now, the ones after MK4. They should bring back Sonya's purple Haze fatality for MK7. That would look spectacular in 3D!
Of course, I would like to see Sindel return for MK7, but she was a huge disappointment in Deception and I understand that people don't like her anymore because of that.

-Death Traps should return
-Darker characters and arenas should come about
-konquest should be enhanced
-Fatalities should be more thought out
-New Awesome female characters should be made
12/01/2004 06:45 PM (UTC)

Good ideas, but I sort of disagree with you on the create a character. I mean people are going to choose the most powerful moves so the character will be too powerful. I agree with you on how MK should go back on how the games unlocked characters and secrets though button kombonations.

As for me

I would like this for MK 7

Mode wise.

MK: DA like Konquest. Again MK: Deception's Konquest was a waste of time. The only reason to play it was to unlock stuff. Most of it had nothing to do with the MK story. Make MK7 Konquest like MK: DA's where it had to do with the game and just gave the player pages of text as they progress.
with the characters. FMV would be nice but not necassary. Overall just have it so it has to do with the MK characters and MK storyline and not like Deception's GTA like tasks

Practice Mode
Like MK: DA where you just have a bot that does nothing. Or even have some settings where you can set the agressiveness of the AI. A punching bag if you will. Overall just to practice with your character

Training. To me training should be taken out of Konquest 100%. Instead placed in its own mode. If course it should be like MK: DA and MK Deception's where this is how you do this and that. Overall Teaches you the character you would like to learn. Also I would like it if you could go back anytime to a certain part of a training mission. examle lets say that Sub-Zero style X training is part 6 of 10 over all lessons. Instead of MK: DA and MK: Deception's like Konquest where the only way to repeat a certain part of a lesson was not only too finish Konquest again and just to a certain part of a lesson. Overall I would like MK7 training mode to be easy access for certain part of moves that you would like to learn.


I have no problem when it comes to mini games, but when it came to MK: Deception to me it didn't feel fight. Before MK : Deception mini games were a side thing for after matches, just a small break from kombat. In Deception I felt it was very unnessary. I would glady trade in Puzzle and chess kombat for a better fighting system or even more levels characters , secrets and more meaty fighting game. In all what I am saying I feel that Mortal Kombat should never become a half fighting game and half mini game all on one disc. With all do respect, please put all the stuff that don't do with Mortal Kombat like Puzzle and Chess mini games on a diff disc and sell it. In all what I am saying , MK: Deception to me didn't feel like a 100% fighting game not just I didn't like the slowed down fighting system, it was because there was too much non MK stuff. When I think of MK I think of a fighting game, with Deception I think of some "party game" sort of like Mario Party. Not really definant of what Mortal Kombat is all about. I like the idea of mini games , but to a lesser scale than Deception. For example I have no problems with MK: DA and MK1 test your might and Sight in MK: DA. Pong in MK2, and galaga in MK3-MKT. In all I beg you not to focus on modes that don't have to do with the MK storyline. Instead I hope you focus on characters,story,fighting engine, and secret stuff.

Fighting system wise

I like MK: DA fighting system. It was fast , it was fun. I disliked MK: Deception. Mainly because the whole game is slow when it comes to attacks recovery, thus taking away from the agressive feel and the overall speed of the game. For MK7 I would like either to redo the fighting system with the same changable fighting style idea so newer possiblablies can happen or please do something 100% new like you people have done with MK: DA. All I ask is something new and not just new fun. All I want to do is have fun with the fighting system. Also please tone down the special moves per character. I would rather have the kombat hand to hand aka skill based rather than tons of special moves like in Deception. I like the idea of breakers , but I would like to have something like KI combo breaks. They seem better to me. I think that Death Traps need to go. Those kind of ideas need to be reserved for Stage Fatalies for the end of a match and when it is fatality time. I understand that they are desgined to a straghty for those not winning the match and wouldn't win any other way. I don't like that idea. Again focusing on who is the better over all kombatant should stay constant. No distractions, just fighting all the way through till someone has won and then victor and not the lucky person gets to do a stage fatality to the loser. You can't go wrong with fatalites all long as they are gory and 2 per characters. Also I have no problem if you have to give each characteter 1 fatality if you have to focus on the fighting system. Heck I still like MK: DA better than Deception even though Deception has 2 per character.


I felt that Deception was lacking in the story. I guess that MK: DA's Konquest gaves tons more than MK Deception's Konquest did. Lets not forget how past MK games , before MK: DA had pages of text during the arcade demo screens to fill up holes in the story. I ask that MK7 to be just as story driven as past MK games were.


edited later and more to come
12/01/2004 06:47 PM (UTC)
I could write an essay about this, but i'll try to keep it short. By far the most important thing to me is that they improve the gameplay and animation.

People are always stepping slowly towards one another the same way. If Raiden starts doing some electro-magic 5m away from you, you're going to want to sprint forwards and smack him in the face. You can't! It would also be useful at distance to be able to dive-roll sideways.

It seems at the moment that all the characters move the same when they're not doing moves. Having different characters not only have a different fighting styles but having different movement style and abilities would be really nice.

Stances- the fighting stances seem to be always swaying back and forth smoothly, both feet on the ground, period about 1 second. ALL OF THEM! There should be a bit more variation. Also the slow sway thing usually looks wrong- the people should look on edge- like a coiled spring etc- not like they're chilling out. Maybe the stances could change a bit with distance- and the movesets too.

Stances/Styles- The 3 style thing is a nice idea, but not too well implemented i think. If it were more a paper-scissors-stone thing where there was an actual point to being in another style it might work. However the 2 unarmed styles always seem much the same. The whole idea behind different stances in real life is that you have quick access to different moves from them- both offensive and defensive, or can perform certain moves more quickly, or evade stuff. As it is, it seems that all the `styles` are much the same. In addition it's confusing for people like me who can't remember which moves are in which style. I say either amalgamate the two unarmed styles (there are plenty of button combinations, d-pad directions left to play with), or differentiate them more (eg have one more suited to anti-weapon, and another more suitable for anti- anti-weapon)

Move properties- It seems a lot of the moves are much the same from character to character- they either pop-up, or push forward, or nothing, and are high or low. I want to see moves that have inherent movement, moves that set you up in mini-stances, and a lot more branching combo moves. Those 3 things are kind of mixed up, since a `mini-stance` could be the fact you are moving forwards, or spinning etc. Things should be intuitive.

Big characters. Soul Calibur has some huge characters in you can play as. Let us play as Moloch, Goro, Motaro, Shao Khan etc. It might be hard to balance, but it's doable.

I expect the next MK we see with either be a `gold` edition with the DA and D characters and a few more, or a next gen affair with spanky character models and lighting effects, but that plays exactly the same. Ho hum.
12/02/2004 12:29 AM (UTC)
well i have one more to add I was upset when i noticed the impales were gone i loved the impales and they need to bring back multiple throws.
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12/02/2004 01:11 AM (UTC)
downloadable content, and rippable clothing. and everything from up above.
12/02/2004 01:46 AM (UTC)
What I want for the next MK game...

1. A completely new and improved fighting engine!...

2. Tag team mode, with tag team special moves, tag team fatalities, tag team throws, ect...

3. Scorpion's wife to become a playable character, I even thought up a little story for her...


(Assuming that Scorpion's wife was also a Shirai Ryu) Mabye after Scorpion's wife was killed by Quan Chi, she could have been sent to the Netherrealm, like Scorpion. But unlike Scorpion, she wasn't able to escape, but was able to reach the 5th plane of the Netherrealm. Once there, she began mutating into an oni, like Drahmin. But since she wasn't as strong as Drahmin, she wasn't able to resist the mutation so well. So, she turned into an oni much quicker. After she was mutated, her weapons - 2 Kama's on chains - were melded with her body (Kamas are Nitara's weapon's from MK :DA. Scorpion's wife, who I will now call Viper from now on, uses them on chains, and uses one with each of her arms...) After mutating, Viper would have grown much stronger than before and seek to reunite herself with Scorpion once more.

Viper, would look like Drahmin (the whole Zombie-looking thing) except she'd have hair on her head and she'd look much more feminin. She'd also be more muscular than ther other females. She'd have three costumes. 1.) She'd be covered in bandages, like Drahmin, except she'd have a symbol of a viper on her back. Her weapons - two Kamas - would hang from her arm by a chain (Like in Liu Kang's primary costume in MK: D) 2.) Her second costume would be a traditional Shirai Ryu outfit, except it'd be riped and torn, as if she had been in many battles. Her face would be mutated, but it'd be covered in a traditional Shirai Ryu mask. 3.) A traditional Shirai Ryu outfit, except it would look much more feminin. She'd have no signs of mutation and her weapons wouldn't be hanging from her arms. They'd be strapped to her thighs...


4. Returning characters (Sektor, Frost, Sonya, Stryker, Sareena, Rain, Reptile, Shao Kahn, ect...)

5. to take out all the production art and put it in another disc. You can make it an exclusive disc for the "Kollector's Edition" of the game. Clearing the game of all that stuff will result in much more space, which can be used for gameplay, FMVs, graphics, ect...

6. Better graphics...

7. to have smaller mini-games like "Test Your Might", "Test Your Sight", and pong...

8. to take out Konquest and make it the way it was in MK: DA. In MK :DA's Konquest, I learned a lot more about the story and the fighting styles...

9. Downloadable content
12/02/2004 06:49 AM (UTC)
My wishes for the MK Team at Midway are, in order:

1. Get rid of the nonsense about having to squeeze in a 5 button press sequence just to do a fatality. Instead - allow player to choose the fatality desired and just do it. The only reason the fight doesn't end in a fatality/babality/whatevereality is because the poor players like me just couldn't quite squeeze it in right sad
2. Don't make us have to do something like play Conquest for the purpose of unlocking more kombatants. Show all of them. Make us unlock something else if you have to.
3. Add more fataltities. Can't ever be enough of them.
4. Continue to improve the quality of graphics everywhere. A few backgrounds look down right horrendous when compared to, say the new shiny Chamber of Artifacts.

Good luck, MK Team!
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12/03/2004 04:41 AM (UTC)
People please enough dicking around......we all know what really needs to be changed. When I got deception I was giddy beyond words. The graphics were great, the stages were sweet, the characters were cool, and there were tons of secrets. I loved it. But we all know what the bloody problem was with the game....THE BROKEN FIGHTING SYSTEM. The people behind deception should be proud for making a great game....just not a great fighting game.I am convinced that the fighting in MKD is better than MKDA....but not by much.The guys from midway need to seriously remake the fighting system. For example staggers when blocking powerful moves like a jumping kick.The characters must be all superhuman because the way that they take blocked hits is godly. It looks amateurish compared to the other fighting games out there. Another thing is juggles.....stop the madness please. I remember being in the air for 7 seconds because of a never ending juggle attack. I am kinda torn on the throws because of the way the game is way made I couldn't really picture a legimate and convincing throw reversal like in other games(Soul Calibur, virtua fighter). After playing online I can say with certainty that half of people playing MKD online wouldn't last three seconds in a virtua fighter tournment. But it's the game's fault ,the combat is simply designed to reward cheapness and punish thought. A lot of people say that Mortal kombat isn't about having a deep fighting system....I ask myself why ? Would it be so fucking bad to make Mortal kombat into a brillant serial killer instead of a big dumb psycho with an axe??
12/03/2004 03:14 PM (UTC)
I want to start all over again.

I want Boon to take Mortal Kombat back to its roots. I want Boon to make the game he originally envisioned over a decade ago and then take it from there.
Too many things have been cut throughout the years due to time and money. Things like Shang Tsung beheading defeated kombatants with his sword; Goro squeezing the heads of his victims off. Other discarded MK ideas include: a monk (shaved head); Michael Grimm, Tundra; Curtis Stryker (Jax); Rokuro; and Y(oritomo) Minamoto.
How about the female kickboxer that was supposed to be in MK2? In MK3, Smoke was not supposed to be a robot.If anything needs a redo its MK:special forces and MK4.
Boon could sort through all the ideas (past, present, rumored) and redesign/refresh the Mortal Kombat characters.
The storyline is easy: a mad goddess shreds the fabric of time to save her beloved Shinnok. Mortal Kombat must be fought all over again!
She'd be the first female boss. If the goddess has a female henchmen, then we'd have the 1st female sub-boss too.
After a decade of scrolling fighting games, I think the MK universe could use some revitalizing.
Just my humble opinion.
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12/06/2004 04:04 AM (UTC)
Do you really think starting over will help the series?? I mean the future is what I am concerned with.
12/06/2004 04:52 AM (UTC)
The fighting engine hands down,it needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.There is no reason to worry about the graphics it will be on PS3,X-Box2 and the new Nintendo so it will look fine.The fighting is the problem,the game needs a lot more depth as far as fighting.Skilled players will have to sit down and learn every nook and cranny of their favorie fighter to get better.And that means learning more then two moves or one combo.Defense should be the main target.Couters reverals and parries,every offensive move can be stoped by on of those.Throws should be harder to pull off no more one button throws,and if timed right you should be able to reverse throws as well as escape them.

Everything else should be icing on the cake extra modes etc.I for one dont want to see any other modes of play (chess puzzle)focus on the fighting only.Konquest is ok if it takes you through all of the characters backstory like the konquest in MKDA.But only work on that after the fighting engine is done.Boon said that he does listen to the people hear so make your opinion known who knows your ideals may be put into MK7.
12/07/2004 08:47 PM (UTC)
Like so many have said, i'll say it. I want a new fighting engine. NOW.
12/07/2004 09:28 PM (UTC)
I know it's asking alot, but fix at least half the glitches.
12/07/2004 10:46 PM (UTC)
An in depth fighting system.

Improved Graphics.

Massive Stages.

Larger Character Roster.

FMV Endings.

Better Storyline.
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