Mortal Kombat Online has established a name for itself as the most trusted name in the MK Community by providing news coverage, exclusive pictures and video, interviews with the developers, and offering a platform for ongoing discussion. It is now time to take the next step and serve the community with livestreams via Twitch! Check out the reveal trailer below:

MK Online will use Twitch -- the popular streaming service designed specifically for gamers -- as the platform for connecting further with you: the Mortal Kombat community!

Plans include live interviews with those who have been involved with the Mortal Kombat franchise (developers, actors, and others), showing off our skills in the game (or lack thereof), live coverage at events, integrating the chat from IRC/Discord, highlighting users’ discussion board posts, and—perhaps best of all—a giveaway system that integrates knowledge of MK trivia as well as a Kombat Kode system!

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