Legends of heavy metal Iron Maiden have paid homage to video game culture in the promotional clip for their newest single: Speed of Light. Band mascot Eddie the Head battles through a variety of arcade environments, including a fighting game tribute to classic Mortal Kombat! Watch it below:

The British band and their mascot Eddie are no strangers to video games. Ed kick flipped his way to high scores as an unlockable character in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, and starred in first-person rail shooter Ed Hunter - a game packaged with the 1999 greatest hits album of the same name.

In Speed of Light; Eddie heart rips his way from basic pixelated platforming, to gun toting, and a one-on-one kombat style face-off with The Beast -- red devil made famous by Derek Riggs' artwork for the band's landmark 1982 album: The Number of the Beast. Not content with simply fighting side-to-side in the style of Mortal Kombat II - Eddie unleashes a cinematic aerial attack reminiscent of NetherRealm Studios' more recent efforts, such as super-moves found in: Injustice: Gods Among Us. The sequence ends fittingly, from "FINISH HIM!" to decapitation fatality. A reminder that Ed The Head always pulls the strings as the true puppet master.

Eddie has been a fixture for the group's mythic painted album covers and stage performances since 1980. Created by artist Derek Riggs; he remains one of music's icons of heavy metal. The only question now - is there room for the zombie-faced mascot as a future guest of Mortal Kombat X or its sequels?

"Speed of Light" is the first single from the album The Book of Souls, available September 4th. Register to worship at the altar of arcade klassics and discuss the clip on the forums! Find more moving MK images in the Media & Merchandise. Be quick or be dead when you run to the hills to share this story via @MK_Online & Facebook!