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03/26/2015 09:38 PM EST
Ok, i just have to know, is MK more associated with Metal or Techno?
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RE: Music
03/26/2015 09:41 PM EST
It is a mix of dubstep, techno, rap, and metal.wink
I will rock you.
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RE: Music
04/01/2015 01:16 PM EST
Best MK music so far, in my opinion, is 'The Bank' in UMK3 and 'Shang Tsung's palace' in MKDA. I have thought whether NRS would ever contemplate recycling main musical sounds from older MK's, for new arenas. Even English grime artist (rapper) JME remade 'The Bridge' stage song from MK3 and renamed his version 'Baraka/Blue portal'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukdS5K42ZOo
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