NRS Pls Read 15 year Plot for MK MMORPG.
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NRS Pls Read 15 year Plot for MK MMORPG.
02/27/2021 04:28 AM EST
04/21/2021 02:39 PM EDT

It's time for a MK MMORPG like World of Warcraft with a monthly Subscription Fee of like $14.99 or $19.99 That is pay2play. Im more than ready for Sony and Microsoft to get their consoles MMORPG Ready and knock the Microtransaction stuff off with these matchmaking server lobbies. Anyways If anybody has any and I do meen any questions on how anything and everything will work just ask and ill explain.

Look at This IDC if its VR console or VR PC this needs to Professionally happen. For a 3rd person look on things in the VR World.

This is outright the Koolest Thing I've ever Feasted my Eye's Upon.

Mortal Kombat World On VR Chat

TBH I would be in aww to see it on screen with console controllers. With a Story Plot and Mechanics im about to Explain it could work on both VR and Consoles.

It's Time "It Has Begun!"


Okay if You don't want to read all this here is a small version of it...Its a MMORPG that has Raiden Go Forward in time from the HourGlass and Kitana go to beginning of MK9 in MultipleTime lines. Raiden Builds time portals and turns all Roster Heroes into a Fixed Point in time for all player created character's to be able train the heroe styles they like from the Fixed Point in time Heroes and to be able to travel through time to the titles they want to main or just play. Traveleling through time to different batlleground/Arenas/Duels whether its MK9, MKX, MK11 Stages or the new titles stages or moded you will be able to go to Different Game Titles all in this new MMORPG Depending on what Level your character is.. If your level 10-19 And you enter the time portal to the Deadpool Stage you will go to MK9 if your level 20-29 and you go threw the Deadpool portal you will be entered for MKX's Matchmaking for the Deadpool stage or whatever Stage portal In the Battle room you went to is what stage you would play Depending on what level you were for different Game titles.If you were max level Kapped you would be able to pick which game titles stage you would go to...and if you were level 30-39 thats right MK11.You gotta remember they are time portals to travel through time and space. The world will be a 3d MK world and it will be the new titles Content Mortal Kombat Unirverse (MKU)????. Liu Kang Merged 2 Time lines together (the 2 different ending options from MK11) cuz he had 2 option's at the end of MK11 one where he Ran the Hour Glass with Kitana the other With raiden By Merging them together and sending Raiden forwards and Kitana back. (Raiden Created time portals and kitana procurred all the living People to bring to the staple in time that Raiden and Liu Kang Created together to fight against all trying to destroy all existance as we know it coming from infinite timelines. Their prime Objective is to protect the EarthRealms Time Staple HourGlass it's used as a war base to protect Every TimeLine In existance.)Then Liu Kang Unmerged the two time lines and Created infinite Possibilities then openened a Huge portal then remerged them through the portal and every one living in Kitana's Era Went to Raiden New Created Staple in time. Then Raiden Find's Apep on Shang Tsungs Island he is the Egyptian god of chaos and he helps prevent all chaos from overunning the new Time Staple Realm and becoming part of the Chaos Realm. When you start off in the 3d world you will be able to choose a character from MK9's Roster that you want your character to be like this will decide what Faction your in aswell.There will be options to what Titles MatchMaking you can choose along with different styles and Variation to train in for the 3d worlds character you create once you level past 29 and hit level 30 (being able to train MKX styles and variatilns in the open world). When you get past level 39 and hit 40 you will unlock the third (being MK11 and start to be able to train in MK11 Styles and variations in the open world)but you will be able to play the new title at any level in the arena's on the physical map but it will be with ppl and NPC's your Skill Level. And on the Physical map with Questing and World Pvp. This requires you to gain skill points to apply into One Variations tree whether you want to train MK9, MKX or MK11 Styles for you heroe of choice and level you are at. You level up by gaining experience from questing and killing world Mobs this requires you to Level up to train for diff and Larger Kombos aswell as new Variation's (Star Wars Anyone? Lol Anyways) now this will be the Kool Part... Im thinking instead of new Variation for the new title we use all existing Variations from MK9 to MK11 and pit them together against eachother in the new titles Content. You will have to pick a variation that has the style you like for your hero whether its from MK9, MKX or MK11 and these styles will be implemented into 3d end game content. If you didnt catch it the 1st time sorry There is more on how end game content will play mechanically in the next chapter.

Think the game For Honor. Its the only close reference I can think of TBH the phew Months I spent Mastering this game I could'nt Believe how much of it's content resembled Mortal Kombat's. But they couldnt do it right it was for sure a money grabber on vs wise. If done Correctly the Blocking and Parry System with All the MK Kombos and Character styles that already exist it could be the best fighter ever made. All the different MK's titles content mixed togetherin 3d world with copy and pasted matchmaking from MK9 MKX and MK11 travel threw 3d world portals into the 2.5D older titles.3D world Content will have Simularities to FH but im renaming parries to Flawless Block and Deflects to Kombat Reversals...Flawless Block's end Kombo Strings. But this comes along with Blocks Blocks That Take Chip Damage, Dashes in all directions and MK throws and Throw reversals also Kombo breakers then a Rage System for outnumbered Kombat... Rage is where you get an invincable armor over your health bar for a certain amount of time in outnumbered situations only. You gain a Rage from a phew different things the number of hits blocked, Flawlessly Blocked or Kombat reverals(when outnumbered only) or take enough blows(in out number situations only), deal enuff blows or dash away from enugh incoming attacks (you can only gain a revenge when outnumbered) also throws and reversals you have 3 different directions to block and flawlessly block in left, right and top your attacks work the same way left right and top. you change the direction your blocking or attacking in with right stick. You can only dash out of the way of an attack if you dash into the attacks direction also when you dash your defence and attack indicator will change to the direction of the dash. To Do a Kombat Reversal you dash into the direction of the attack at the last moment or as its hitting you same with flawless blocking but all you do for flawless blocks is have your indactor in the same direction of the attack and block the attack at the last moment or as it hits you. Flawless Blocking and Kombat reversals both end your opponents Kombo strings that are attacking you. you can then counter an attack with a kombo starter whether its a low mid or an overhead if your opponent doesnt block it, all of your attacks can be thrown in left right or top directions with you attack and defence indacator throws override the indacator they are unblockackable only throw reversals melee special can be blocked flawlessly blocked and reversaled too but projectiles are just blockables or special projectile reversable. To use your indacator think lock on targeting like GTA hold or set it to tap targeting to lock on. You will be able to switch targets mid Kombo if you are outnumbered and you will be able to switch your indacat from top left or right while changing target but not locked on while throwing an attack or kombo. But you will be able to freely swap your indactor while your idle or defending.

I need a quick breath lol...Exterior Kombat will work the same way for dashing, blocking, Flawless Blocking , and Kombat reversals but also on the Exterior if the second enemy attacking you is on your right all you need to do is have your blocking indacator to your right same if ther is and enemy on your left so if your being attacked from all sides you can defend yourself with blocks, flawless blocks, Dashes and kombat reversals and dashing. The Rage meter will fill if you do good enuff defensivly or offensivly or both while being attacked while outnumbered, when Rage meter is full pop your Rage like it was a Fatal Blow or XRay (XRays Fatal Blows and Crushing Blows will be replaced with Rage in the open world and new game modes) or save it for the best time. You do double the damage and you have a timer on an invincable armor that will go over your health bar... Rage will dissapear with a time set but you can gain more than 1 Rage in a single outnumbered fight depending on how good you are in a 1vs2 1vs3 or whatever outnumbered situation your in? This defence system will make so much sense with MK style Kombos. To do Specials in the 3D envirement there wont be Towards and Back it you will do specials as if you were in the Player 1 Spawn point all the time. Kombo Breakers will enviremental button plus grab. To move your character in the 3d world use left stick to walk and right stick to move your camera while not locked onto an enemy. The Dpad will be for speciails duck, Diagonally up and left on the DPad will be fip left, Diagonally up and right will be fip right and up on the dapad will be flip forwards. You can only flip into a Kombo starter ther will be no air kombat because there is no juggles animations the controls will work the same but the animations of the actual kombat in the 3d world will trade juggles for attacks that stun an knock your enemy back for the same duration of the kombos variations and titles youve trained your hero for. Flipping diagonallly will allows you to change target mid kombo while idle or while blocking while locked on, flawlessly blocking, dashing or doing kombat reversals.You dash by double tapping left or right or pressing up plus left on the stick or d pad while locked on or out of kombat. Flipping backward doesn't exist you can roll away from Kombat from unlocking and double tapping down on the D pad. Flippin over opponent can be either to leap frog an enemy the locking onto another or staying locked on and flipping over them then the camera will adjust to the target your locked with but flipping into a kombo is mostly just a good kombostarter.

This will be perfect To see which titles styles are More Superior in Mortal Kombat. But this style will only be in use in the open world and in the new games game modes. They will feel exactly like the titles game style you trained in but pop up juggles will be traded with punches kicks and special that stuns and knocks your enemies back for the same time and Distance of the pop up for whichever game title, hero or variation you trained to be like, it will be the same inputs and timings just look different to match the 3d envirement. While not locked on you can flip run and do specials but it wont be locked on some attacks like sweep and certain combo attacks to some specials will be zone attacks and they can hit more then one player at a time but while not locked and using any attacks whether it hit more than one person or not you will have to be facing the right way or with in distance. but I cannot stress this enuff the only things from For Honor I want to see is the 3 Directinal Defence System... I DO NOT LIKE THE UNBALANCED HERO SELECTION. I like MK9 type gameplay and punishes. When you add optimal punishes and timings with unbalanced health bars and unbalanced character damages like they did it litterallly makes the game rock paper scissors with roster selection it will be alot better when done The MK way. For Honor has way to many game exploits destroying the game its like MKvsDC Super Mans GroundPound Exploit with alot of their characters matchup's like Warden VS JJ. But I dont wanto go into that. The The 3 way Defence and Offence can Be Apep's Style and Teaching to fight against the Denizans of The Chaos Realm Seeing how he is The Egyptian God Of Chaos and The Pyrmaid (Triangle) is the most structurly sound Form (Shape) in the Natural World. Apep's True Fighter God Form.

Also whether it is VR or Not i think if you go to MK9 MKX or MK11 it should just be a copy and paste of the 2.5D Games with your character's, skin and gear from the 3D world implemented from 3D to that title. Okay there you go :D. Merry Kombat to all.

There might even be room for a mk vs dc time line I just Miss the times when the kombat made sense.Like This. And This. But by far the best Raiden as far as Move sets and Kombos go was MK vs DC Raiden in my Mind cuz his Teleport Kombo was'nt impossible to do online and it was extensive enough to actually apply to your Kits Rotation.

End game Content Explanation and new Game Modes.

This is The Mortal Kombat MMORPG idea I've been thinking on for about 15 years. I could wright a book and I might. Please Be Nice I've put My Blood Sweat and Tears and alot of time into this idea, Thank You so much. It will be a Console MMO so its gotta be region locked servers like the rest of xbox MMO's then devided into tons of lobbies that host alot of players (The Lobbies) players are placed in a matchmaking system all depending on Rank, the lobbies are huge immersive worlds with factions of players with lots of different pvp BattleGround portals, Tower PVE and COOP portal's, Quests Armor skins, NPC's and enemies It will be permanatly a Tournament based game like for whichever style MK you Liked. If you liked MK9 Tournament Style for pvp the Battleground Portal's have different fixed times you can Choose from depending on what Level your characters is. When you enter a portal and your max level capped your character will get the preset of all the preset characters from the title you chose in matchmaking. Your character is basically an avatar traveling all threw time looking for his favorite hero style to train to be that specific battle ground's title you chose 2 teleport too will let you try out the styles you can train in for the 3d world. The preset battlgrounds will consist of a stage and level bracket there will be 10-19 as the 1st pvp level bracket it will be all MK9 stages and character's preset moves, 20-29 will be MKX stages character's and variations...and 30-40 will be MK11 stages and character's. Questing will be in the 3d envirement open world and will be the new game titles Content that pits all the previouse game titles characters fight styles and variation against eachother in open world kombat also new and old game Modes,untill the next expansion this will be end Game Content and Max level Cap of 50 or 60 this will be up to NRS...Of course this will have to take place at the end of MK11 and will have to make it back to 3d for this to happen having end game batlleground and duel stage content be 3d the battle Ground Stages for MK9, MKX and MK11 will be all 2d basically a copy and paste of the previous game titles characters Stages Moves and Variations with your Hero taking the place of the Character From that title.. A Bracket for each game Title in this timline and end game content will be the new title's content. But if this happens every new expansion can keep all the time lines from MK9 to the most recent Title release always being the end Game Content in one single game even if this time line were to never end if a back up installation that played without a disk was always installed into your storage for infinite possibilities. Idk if you have played For Honor or World of Warcraft but immagine a MK that played like For Honor Defensively in a World of Warcraft type World with a MK Theme. Extensive Kombos linked with Staggering bashes,kicks and specials that just concussed and knocked enemies back instead of a popup juggle to match new graphics and animations of the 3d world but matched all the previous titles and variations kombos and moves mechanically. The 3d world consist of pve questing content fighting against world NPC mobs and other world players with a Kombo breaker for single player combat and a Revenge system for outnumbered kombat. And all styles that involve a weapon, Blocking would take chip damage and parries/flawless blocks would end a Kombo. The end game Content would Host A veriety of Different Game Modes in 1v1 & 2v2 DeathMatches and 4v4 Koth where 1 team would have to hold and defend a point on a city built into the top of a mountain or Defend against enemy players trying to break into the walls of shang Tsung's island in a breach type game where they use a siege Battering Ram to break threw Multipal Castle Barricaded doors, think MK11's Krypt as this 4v4 stage but opened up in some spaces for a better fighting area. Or something there can be something thought up for game modes like Capture The Flag lol. Maybe a 4v4 where both enemy teams are after a loot chest its a process of elimination each person gets 1 life and theres 3 rounds max and 3 chests max the Best 2 outta 3 rounds wins, winning team gets 2 Chest's losers maybe 1 they get gold and Krypt stuff common to Legendary drops all a matter of Drop percentage for what Lvl your characters are From these Chests. There could be a Looking For Group Queue right on the player hud or in Start Menu for End game MatchMaking (LFG).

Maine Story

Seeing how Liu Kang has a part in both time lines he is now Earth Realms Protector the fire God Liu Kang with Kitana at His Side The Keeper of Time and the other TimeLine Raiden Kontrols the Time Line with him Because Liu Kang Allows it with his new Found Immortality. In each 1 of those 2 timelines they created infinite possibilities for both Time lines by restarting time twice and doing the same thing twice up untill the beginning of MK9 he the paused one time line to proceede with the other. up untill the 1st appearance of Kronika then he let his new Found Immortality show he merged the 2 timelines where he Kontrolled the Hour Glass together and doubled everbody in Earthrealms powers in both time lines now 1.He sent Raiden and kitana Back in time switching them with their younger selves raiden and Kitana Now merge into that timeline as their younger selves from the timeline LiuKang Paused to meet with their older selves in MKX thats why raiden did Not Know who "He who Must Win" was not because he was turning evil but because he was not with kitana but somewhere he has never been.The further back he goes on the time Line the more powerful he will be because he will merge with himself when he meets himself not for the 2nd time but the 1st Raiden knows his objectives but he has never done this b4 and he knows he cant mess up he must commmunicate with liuKang telling him to not let him merge with his younger self an Kontinue creating infinite Mini hour Glasses in the future of the time line they are creating so all the canon fights in all the titles are a Hallmark in time tonever be forgotten by every one to help create infinite Timline Possibilities for training purposes of all new found heros to enter threw the hourglass portals Thanks To Kitana's grand Quest. Now what Kitana knows all she has to do is survive Liu kang made the trade to let the Kung lao and himself be killed then Zombiefied to let everything happen the same way again in the time line kitana Merged into but he will pause time again and Create to see if Raidens MK9, MKX and MK11 Hour Glass Portals are Working He Theroughly checked them and They're Flawless so there is now a link for when Between the TimeLine when all Great Warriors are alive and the new time line where Raiden Created the perfect scenario to start this MMO Title. Liu Kang Now unmerges kitanas the 2 time lines creating another time line and merges kitanas time with raidens time which causes mass confusion but makes the original time line continue Forwards with a MK MMO worldInfinite time line possibilities are now created and they are successfull and read to train all students liu kang summons Kitana and raiden back to the main Hour Glass to retire for a while. In the 2nd time line....Raiden will save Earth Realm Because in the Time Line Kitana is in with MK9 Raiden he is Still Elder God seeing how there are now 4 timelines but going forwards intime Raidens Going Backwards they are both growing stronger. Creating Infinite Possibilities Raiden Kitana and Liu Kang can Communicate threw all time lines Because the merger but raiden could already do this he was the Thunder God Liu Kang Tricked Raiden he told him he merged him with his younger self but didnt he sent Raiden to a different place then kitana he sent him further in time to timewalk backwards and see what happens in the future. Raiden did this and saw all Chaos Break out in earthrealm has been invaded with full out assault of outworld Earthrealm is also being torn assunder from infinite time lines they job now is to stop the invading forces of outworld and fix the time line by putting every one back to the correct time lines so it is Torn assunder and letting the Chaos realm Break threw time and space when Kitana Finishes her Quest of Duplicating what Happened in the original time line. those 2 starting timelines started it all but what kinda infinite stuff are they building? MK MMORPG. Btw if this happens It Will Only LOOK LIKE Raidens Going Backwards in time there still going forwards with there time line but not the One there Saving. But the one we are saving still needs a story from where Liu Kang Kitana and Raiden Merged and went forwards it is Known as the Chaos Realm its all out War between all Clans Factions Cuz outworld is invading from two directions and Earthrealms Finest Warriars from all the MK Roster are Now Staples in time for Martial Art Fighting Styles and They are all nowTeachers of Their Styles and accepting any and all new Hero's to Train and Help fight For their Clans Cause in the Battle Grounds Of Time to keep the infinite TimeLine Possibilities in their own Favor. In the TimeLine That these 3 are Creating. What do you think of the story? Be Honest...

Game Fundamental's

To earn Koins you would get gold for world currency but faction currency would be Komidogu. You would choose your faction and character type by what MK9 Story Character you wanted to be Like(you will unlock MKX MK11 and the new MK MMO characters every 10 levels) you can Kostimize what your Hero will look like with gear, skins and weapon skin styles earned or baught from NPC's or from the player Auction Houses or traded Skins can be crafted for all different gear slots pants chest Shoulders gloves Tabard ill tell you more later in this read but they would not do anything in pvp (unless you wanted to do some kind of stats for augments in Gear for Ranked matches Matchmaking like magic resiliance's damages, Armor Buffs, Armor Penitration or maybe a pvp Resistant Stat for Player Made Augment's) ) you would get the preset of your character's story hero choice for what lvl bracket you choose to stay at with that character in open so you could max you couldnt max your characters abilities for world pvp against lower level players in your area, but you would also have the option to train everything and use only the abilities and moves you trained in to make questing harder and maybe there would be an achievment. It works same for pvp train the hard way or use Preset abilities. Komidogus are earned through faction war/ territory war and pvp. Every battle ground won will give players a certain amount of Clan members from their faction to fight to control the world map durring that factionwar taking territory by territorry till that factions territories are gone but their main city and starting zones cannot be taken. The more you unluck of the other factions map will make their areas yours and there will be preset destinations if you steal enemy territory that has special quests, merchants, profession trainers and loot you can physacally go there on the map to get special rare epic or legendary quests and loot every faction war depending on how far you move into enemy territory...but at the end of the Faction war there will always be a special prize for which faction wins you can also go to the battle ground pvp merchants and spend your factions honorable Komidogu Kurrency you earned in battle grounds or Arenas. Duels can take place anywhere accept in the restricted areas of the major city but duels dont earn anything just respect its practice...too enter a duel target a friendly player and challenge a duel... They can accept or decline if they accept a load screen brings both to a practice stage maybe a dojo a retro-cade setting for duel maps and fight. people can spectate you if you invite them to a KoTH and the person challenging gets to pick the game title mechanics and map the duel on ,then you know fight...duels are for fun... Kasual V.S. To enter a Battle ground go to the battle ground master/ShadowPriest in any major city he wil have Portal's to Different Stages, The Game title will depend on what lvl bracket your in. Arenas will take place on the physical map Arenas will be scattered all accross the map arenas will be team based 3d style games no matter what Rank you are so you can take place in Faction War in the end game content title if you dont want to grind all the cosmetics while at low rank with other players in your Rank Bracket... Each zone will be based on lvl of that character so you will most likly be with ppl your character level and Skill if world pvp takes place all world Combat is all the end game content title 3d mechanics so is arena.Arenas earn Komidogu you can purchase special faction things like faction exclusive cosmetics at the pvp battlemaster merchants. You wil earn skill points every time you level up your hero to add to different tree skills there are 3 different skill trees to add to each with its own special moves the 3 different trees are called Variations they will be different variations or non depending on the Battle ground title Bracket your character is in. End game battle grounds and game modes will go by whatever skills and variations you set to your hero whether you chose MK9, MKX or MK11 Variations to train for in your skill tree. If your not past level 39 you will have the option to enter end game content by entering a 4v4 portal but you wont have a full skill tree but will be able to use the skills youve unlocked in the end content in pvp with other players within your bracket it wont always be fair unless your a top level in your Bracket and have used all your Skill Points but you Welcome to "Test Your Luck". All the preset Battle Grounds b4 end game content are Basically just a copy and paste of all the pre existing title but the roster hero will be replaced with your created character with the cosmetics your hero has on.

MMO Stuff

There will also be bounty hunter system in the 3d world end game content title. Like you could break the law out in the world and get a Wanted Bounty a player could walk by the billboard in any city looking to make money Kuz you Made a player angry while wanted by NPC Faction Guards and he set a bounty or you just just broke a petty NPC need to remember everyone on your faction is friendly till you get a bounty you can stay an outlaw or pay up or just die. In world Combat but only so many players can accept your wanted bounty at a time and it will have to grow over a certain amount of money b4 the World city guards decide to put a bounty out also player will have to pay outta pocket to have you hunted and will have to interest other players with the cash amount or they wont accept it. If you decide stay an out law you have to go to a nuetral NPC faction area and become pretty much one of the till you finish a questline to change to the faction you decide to join and hero type , your Rank Stays The same but if you plan to change faction or you need to change The hero you chose to fallow. You can have as many characters as your console storage can hold but all characters have a lvl and prestige that all adds up to your full profiles Rank.

More MMO Stuff

Player professions are a Ranking system the more your craft or gather the more you rank up but before you get your next buy and train your next recipe after crafting or gathering and ranking up your proffession for your Crafting or Gathering profession of choice you need to talk to your Profession Trainer in one of the major city's Trade District Area so you can buy the Recipe frim him. Professions are to make and trade different cosmetic Skins and wepon skins you can make different skinned looked for all things too cover your chatacters body pants, boots, belts, a chest piece, spaulders, bracers, gloves, helmet and cloak, necklace,2 ring slots also a Tabards from different tribes or factions clans ect...and consumables for pvp and and pve Survival based of which Story Hero you selected to choose.. There is alchemy for Consumable potions instant health in combat and Potion Buffs to buff your health or damage a little bit pve only, black smith is for crafting plate mail, chain mail maces axes daggers Bows swords and other MK Character Based weaponry. Gem Crafting for gems to make jewelry and to put in augment slots of certain gear weapons giving them a magical glow whether its a Visual Magic effect or to help in towers of time and test your luck with stat buffs.. Leather working for crafting leather armor and straps and certain Magical Stave TypeweaponryCosmetic weapon Skins. Tailoring cloth items and Clothing for under your characters Visual armor. If you Maxed out your professions you could train by buying the recipe to craft legendary skins but youd have to train in all the skin recipes before going out from the standard trainers in the main cities to try to get find legendary profession trainers by unlocking them on the territory Factionwar map. But 1st things 1st Common to rare then epic recipes 1st from your trainers The gathering proffessions are for fueling your crafting professions with Materials like mining herbing skinning and stealing and killing NPC's For Different items like cloth and different kinds of metals gems animal skins and plants.

The Uber Fun Stuff

Then theres survival professions cooking fishing first aid Fire Making camping Mount Riding Skill's Mount Flying Skills and Kollecting all the diff storie's Krypt Kontents and rare collections mounts achievements Titles an in game gambling at like a pub or an Inn or near the flight Path in the In the Black Market Alley of a Major City. A trading Card Game like HearthStone ingame Minigame could be a huge money maker. If made real and sold as a Trading Card Game (TCG) and seperate videogame I'd buy it. Set all your Stats and Abilities and Use the AI Battle Simulator TBH I've Been having alot more fun with AI Battles then actually fighting online. If we had the option to Turn AI On/Off in online to test our AI's Skills against Real Players would be Freaking Legendary. Also Celebrity Commercial's about Special ingame Products... WB Movie and DC easter eggs and what not. Also a phone app for Apple and android to fallow all your ingame Hud stuff Equipment Skins, Quest Log, Achievments, Titles Kombat Kard and Rank, Auction House Purchases and sales along with the Mail Box and General Guild and Trade Chats and maybe a Special Forces Bot for player trades and just navigating threw the game doing professions and making money and if you have a phone Controller setup you can actually play the game from your phone with your Character. Also Ingame Seasonal Quests, Events, Recipes, Loot and Achievements (La La La La La Luna La). :D

Idea of Knick Miles Foster all Credit Goes to Ed Boon and His team for Creating the game ive loved since I was Born in 1990 and actually Let Be my inspiration for alot of my health Goals like not smoking Drinking Swearing and staying in good shape and healthy mind. Thank You For all the fun over the years and Creating a safe and stearal gaming Invirement for my entire Life. Much Love to The Mortal Kombat Team MK is my Go to After God Family Health and Fitness. Thank You So Much I couldnt even Immagine My Winter Season Without This Legendary Fighter.

I Do Not Have a PC and Cannot Use Discord ATM...Sorry.

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