The explanation behind certain characters powers
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RE: The explanation behind certain characters powers
05/20/2020 07:02 AM EDT

A bit late to the party, but I've always been able to accept that Kano is a lot more than just a mercenary or thug. It may be head canon(ball), but I've always thought of him as a deceptively layered character. His survival is paramount to him, even to the point he would sacrifice every other human being on the planet and live amongst alien species (helping Shao Kahn in MK3).

In saying that, I've always felt that he was "special." It's why he survives. It's why he's an icon of the series even though it feels like he should die every second game. And I've always imagined him being particularly talented at martial arts and weapons training. A genius, really. I can see his martial arts being the one area of his life where he finds anything resembling peace and order. I can see him having a bizarrely respectful relationship with his sifu. He applies everything to murder, cheat and destroy, but I can see him being thankful to the people who have given him those tools.

So the Cannonball always made sense as some sort of extension of chi. I know Kano doesn't seem like the most enlightened dude in the world, but I think his martial arts talents outweigh even his more slovenly characteristics, but I think those are somewhat of a guise to encourage enemies to underestimate him. This is a dude who can rip your heart out and show it to you before you die. He had to learn that somewhere.

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RE: The explanation behind certain characters powers
05/28/2020 07:53 PM EDT

I believe Kabal's Nomad Touch move was Havik's influence. In MK11 he seems even more chaotic n random.

Kanoball is probably learned from Bo'Rai Cho or a student/korrupt former student who developed their own gravity defying moves. I agree it looks silly, especially in 1, where you can stall it. It's ugly n crude, I think it fits his style. I'd say it's too iconic to go, but already Sonya lost her leg grab so...

Kano is such a BOSS, he just KNOWS how to throw his weight around!


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