Where is my post? (MK Gen Guidelines)
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Where is my post? (MK Gen Guidelines)
06/16/2014 03:48 AM EST
If you're a regular viewer of the Mortal Kombat General forum, you may notice one or two threads disappearing from time to time. The good news is: more often than not - they still exist!

If you have the direct URL in your history, you will have no trouble continuing the conversation without much interruption. If you don't, you may need to check the other forum listings for your topic.

If the topic you're posting (or looking for) has a baring on even incidental current events in the world of Mortal Kombat, you may wish to consider the "kontemporary" forum. [Currently: Mortal Kombat X] Subjects rooted in a specific moment of the past could be located in the 2D Klassics or 3D Klassics forums - depending on the game it most relates to. We encourage everyone to take a moment to check out the other forum topics - you never know what's going on!

We love to see conversations about all MK topics and thank you for being a part of the "MKOmmunity"! We appreciate consideration when posting and hope you'll have a good time, whichever topic you're in!

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