Hot Shot Johnny Game Session
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Hot Shot Johnny Game Session
07/16/2015 04:20 PM EST
A buddy of mine doesn't have the hot shot johnny skin because he's not fond of playing online, and is looking for anyone that would be willing to set up a session to help get it. He's more than willing to take an equal fall for every victory you give him, including regular KoTH to help you toward the Revenant Kung Lao skin. He doesn't care about the online ranking at all.

Anyone available within the next few days? He usually plays late at night, Central Time, after his wife and kid go to sleep. Let me know and I'll PM you his PSN name.
Well, you all got your Tremor now. Can we finally move on?
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RE: Hot Shot Johnny Game Session
01/06/2016 08:24 PM EST
I have the same problem except I am on Xbox one looking for someone to help me get the online skins that require winning matches in KOTH. I am not that good online and could use some help getting this skins. The only one that I have gotten is the revenant kitana skin. I really want to get the revenant liu kang and revenant kung lao. My Xbox profile is ScorpionsWar and I play off and on all the time. My connection is not the best but would appreciate any help in this matter.