Main From Each Game.
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RE: Main From Each Game.
04/01/2015 09:14 PM EST
MK1- Sonya
MK2- Kitana
MK3- Sonya
UMK3 - Jade
MK4- Tanya
MK Deadly Alliance- Shang Tsung
MK Deception- Jade
MK Armaggedon- Shinnok
MKvsDC - Shang Tsung
MK9- Jade, Shang Tsung, Rain, Sindel, Kitana
MKX- Looking at Shinnok and Tanya
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RE: Main From Each Game.
04/03/2015 05:58 PM EST
MK1 - Raiden, Johnny Cage
MK2 - Raiden, Johnny Cage
UMK3 - Kabal, Human Smoke, Nightwolf
MKT - Johnny Cage
MK4 - Fujin, Shinnok, Sub-Zero
MK:DA - Johnny Cage, Bo Rai Cho
MKD - Bo Rai Cho, Liu Kang, Sub-Zero
MKA - Johnny Cage, Fujin, Kabal
MK9 - Johnny Cage, Kabal, Sub-Zero

MKX - Shinnok, Goro, Erron Black - but this may change. Depends on how the characters play.