Have you got what it takes to be the ultimate survivor? Mortal Kombat Online's Survival Saturdays returns this week for a new season of live streaming weekend warriors! Stream Team host Survived_Kombatants will be joined by an army of special guests as the kommunity competes for weekly supremacy and a season prize purse! Read on for details:

It all begins again October 24th when players enter the Survival Saturdays arena to fight to the top of the SS Leaderboard in Mortal Kombat 11 King of the Hill on PlayStation! The player with the biggest streak at the end of the 2 hour episode will be crowned Ultimate Survivor!

The top leaderboard winner will earn a prize pot starting at $50, with kommunity Twitch donations welcome to up the stakes for the season finale!

Survival Saturdays will welcome a cavalcade of kommunity kombat guests to share the fun as MK Online streams right into the end of the year. Watch the SS Arena hype trailer above and check out the episode schedule below.

    MK Online Survival Saturdays Guest Schedule:
  • October 24th - History Behind The Warriors
  • October 31st - Keala
  • November 7th - TrueUnderDawg
  • November 14th - Kevin Col√≥n
  • November 21st - Falkunn
  • November 28th - HanRoseDav
  • December 5th - Ulterior Gamez
  • December 12th - SakiSakura
  • December 19th - iHerbz
  • December 26th - Conflictus

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