MKO Fight Klub - Registration Thread (PS4)
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MKO Fight Klub - Registration Thread (PS4)
04/01/2015 03:57 PM EDT
Hello, kombatants! Welcome to the new and improved MKO Fight Klub!

Let's talk about what we're offering. We have:

Ladder Kombat - Can you reach the top?
Tournaments - We will be running one-day tournaments throughout the competition, some of them with their very own gimmicks!
Casual Play - Want to unwind with some friendly fights? Look no further!

Signing up is easy. All you have to do is post your PSN gamertag and your e-mail address in this thread, and you're good to go! We will be keeping an up-to-date contact list of all players, which will be posted in the Ladder and Tournament threads to allow you to easily reach your opponents. We will also send out e-mails periodically, notifying you of upcoming events and other Fight Klub business.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to myself or Killswitch and we'll do our best to provide you with the answers.

With that said, let's open the floor for registration. I'll start:

PSN: Eirewolf10

Mortal Kombat Online - Community Manager

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RE: MKO Fight Klub - Registration Thread (PS4)
04/03/2015 03:35 PM EDT
Going to post the rules here because I can't get the link to work.


*Note: The following is subject to change at any time and without notice. Please refer to this document whenever necessary to ensure you are up to date.

1 - E-Mail Address:

1.1 - This e-mail address is to be used for Fight Klub-related questions and business only. Misuse or abuse of this system will result in punishments up to and including suspension or banishment from the competition.
1.2 - Make sure that incoming e-mails (sent to you, by us) are not appearing in your junk or spam folder. We will be sending reminders and updates during tournaments.

2 - Registration Process

2.1 - To register for MKO Fight Klub, post your gamertag and e-mail address in the corresponding sign-up thread.
2.2 - Only registered players may compete in Fight Klub events.

3- Match Format/Rules

3.1 - Ladder matches will be played first to 4. Tournament matches will be played first to 3.
3.2 - In-between games, the winner is locked to their character, but may change variations if (and only if) the loser decides to make a character or variation change. Switches will be made in the following order: winner chooses character, loser chooses character, winner chooses variation, loser chooses variation.
3.3 - Pulling in any match will result in an immediate forfeit. In Ladder matches, any rank points earned by a puller in a given week will be void. In Tournament matches, the puller will be disqualified from the event and any rank points earned will be void.
3.4 - *Reserved for rule regarding Kombat Kodes, if applicable*

4 - Ladder Kombat (Start Date - 4/14/15)

4.1 - Ladder Kombat is your chance to climb to the top and become a champion! Compete against your fellow combatants in weekly matches to assert your dominance!
4.2 - For the purposes of this competition, a “week” runs from Monday-Sunday. Since Ladder Kombat will begin on launch day, the first week of action will run Tuesday-Sunday.
4.3 - Participants must schedule their own fights. To do this, you may issue a challenge to another user via post in the Ladder Kombat thread for your platform. It is recommended, though not required, that participants also PM or e-mail the player they wish to fight.
4.3.1 - Participants may play up to five (5) ranked matches in one week.
4.3.2 - The number of matches played in a week plus the number of challenges a participant has issued may not exceed five (5). Example: Someone who has played 3 matches in a week may have no more than 2 issued challenges at a time.
4.3.3 - Tournament matches do not count towards this total.
4.4 - If challenged, participants have 72 hours (three days) from the time the challenge is issued to either accept or decline the challenge. If you do not respond at all or accept and then fail to show up, you may lose points in the rankings. First-time offenders will only receive a warning, but repeated offenses may carry harsher penalties, such as docking of rank points or suspension from the competition.
4.4.1 - If you will be away for an extended period, please notify us in advance and you will not incur the penalty for failing to respond.
4.5 - Once the initial ranking is established, participants may not challenge a player who is more than 10 ranks above or below them in the standings. Unranked players may challenge those in the bottom 10 of the rankings. Players who have been designated for promotion may challenge anyone in the top 10, except the current champion.
4.6 - The first set of rankings will be based on wins and losses from the first week of competition. Thereafter, ranking will be based on win-loss record and quality of competition. If necessary, ties will be broken by strength of schedule.
4.7 - Rankings will be updated on a rolling basis. Our goal is to have the rankings reward both performance and being active. Participants will be ranked according to their performance over the previous 4 weeks.
4.7.1 - The #1 ranked participant on each platform after the first 4 weeks will be designated the champion.
4.7.2 - The champion may be challenged by any of the top 5 contenders to a title match in a given week. Participants ranked 6-10 may challenge the champion to non-title matches.
4.7.3 - Champions MUST accept all challengers, except when they have previously notified the commissioners of an absence. If this is the case, the challenge will be put on hold until the champion returns. Failure to respond to a challenge will result in forfeiture of the title.
4.7.4 - Champions MUST defend their title at least once every 2 weeks, unless nobody issues a challenge or an advance-notice absence has been granted. In the latter case, an interim champion will be determined in a match between the #1 and #2 ranked participants in a division.
4.7.5 - When the champion returns from an absence, he or she must first face the interim champion (if there is one) before accepting any other challenges.
4.8 - There are 4 ways in which participants may be promoted:
4.8.1 - After 30 consecutive days as champion, the title will be vacated and the participant will be designated for promotion to the next highest division, if there is one. Days absent do not count toward a champion’s reign.
4.8.2 - A champion will be designated for promotion if they reach a total of 10 successful title defenses across all reigns within a division. This will also vacate the title.
4.8.3 - The top 4 finishers in each monthly tournament will be promoted to the next highest division, if applicable.
4.8.4 - Any former champion ranked in the top 5 in their division may be promoted if, in the 4 weeks following their placement in the top 5, they win 90% of their matches (minimum of 10).
4.8.5 - The champion of the highest division will hold the title until he or she is either defeated by a valid challenger, he or she fails to defend the title in a 2-week period, or if he or she elects to vacate the championship. In any case, the former champion will be placed among the other participants when the new rankings are released.
4.9 - Participants may also be demoted to lower divisions if:
4.9.1 - It is deemed an appropriate punishment for a rules violation.
4.9.2 - A participant pranked in the bottom 5 of their division wins fewer than 20% of their matches in the 4 weeks following their placement in the bottom 5.
4.9.3 - A participant plays less than 4 total Ladder and Tournament matches in the last 4 weeks.
4.10 - The number of participants in each division will depend on the total number of players.

5 - Tournaments (Start Date - TBA)

5.1 - Tournaments will carry a double-elimination format.
5.2 - Maximum of 32 participants per tournament. If necessary, multiple tournaments will be run to accommodate all players.
5.3 - Each tournament will have a different stipulation. This is a work in progress until we know the full capabilities of online play.
5.4 - Tournaments will be held on specific days and times. We are looking to hold two tournaments per month (subject to change). Fight Klub coordinators will announce the tournaments and conduct sign-ups a week prior to the event. Registration details will be posted in the respective threads.
5.5 - Failure to attend your scheduled match will result in the following penalties:
5.5.1 - First Offense: Disqualification from the current tournament + 1-month tournament suspension.
5.5.2 - Second Offense: Disqualification from the current tournament + 3-month tournament suspension.
5.5.3 - Third Offense: Lifetime ban from tournaments.
5.5.4 - In all cases, any rank points gained will be lost.
5.6 - If neither player makes an effort to set up their match, the penalty applies to both players. Whoever the winner’s next opponent would have been will receive a bye to the following round.
5.7 - If you register for a tournament but have to back out before it begins, you must inform either m0s3pH or [Killswitch]. Failure to do so will be treated as a no-show.
5.8 - Mass e-mails will be sent out prior to the beginning of the tournament as a reminder. These messages will include a link to the bracket and other pertinent information.

6 - Casual Play

6.1 - Fight Klub commissioners may try to arrange side events from time to time. These events will not affect ranking.
6.2 - Depending on the capabilities of online play, this can include King of the Hill, Test Your Luck, Kustom Kombat, or anything in between.
6.3 - These events are completely optional. You do not have to participate in order to maintain your standing.

7 - Disputes

7.1 - If you believe an opponent is cheating during gameplay, please record a clip of the event in question and upload it to YouTube. Without a clip, we cannot determine if an offense was committed.
7.2 - XB1 Tutorial: Click
7.3 - PS4 Tutorial: Click
7.4 - Once you’ve done that, please PM either m0s3pH or [Killswitch] on MKO, or e-mail the link to the clip to the address at the top of this document.
7.5 - Cases will be reviewed in the order that they are received. We will try to take care of each one in a timely manner.
7.6 - All rulings are final.

8 - Reporting Results

8.1 - After completing a match, participants must either PM the results to m0s3pH or [Killswitch], or send an e-mail to the address listed above.
8.1.1 - Only one person needs to report the results of a given match.
8.2 - Please report your results as soon as possible so that we may enter them into our database. This goes double for tournaments because we’ll have so many matches to play in a short time.
8.3 - Though not required, if you’d like to send us match footage, feel free. We might feature it!

9 - General Conduct/Miscellaneous

9.1 - Do not harass other players through any means of communication. You may be docked points, suspended, or banned.
9.2 - We encourage participants to play the game how they wish; however, we ask that you please respect your fellow players and do not cheese or exploit glitches, true infinites (resets are legal), or broken mechanics.
9.3 - Feel free to make suggestions for improvements or any way that we can make the experience better.
9.4 - While competition can be healthy, we ask that all players please keep the salt to a minimum. At the end of the day, we’re playing a video game and we’re here to enjoy ourselves.
9.5 - If there is enough interest, we are open to running competitions for the last gen systems as well.

Mortal Kombat Online - Community Manager

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RE: MKO Fight Klub - Registration Thread (PS4)
04/11/2015 08:17 PM EDT
confused No one interested yet? Just got my PS4.

PSN: reppingthenips
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RE: MKO Fight Klub - Registration Thread (PS4)
05/07/2015 12:35 PM EDT
Here's hoping that this make a come-up, because I love playing against you guys!

PSN: Goshin_X03
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RE: MKO Fight Klub - Registration Thread (PS4)
05/08/2015 09:36 PM EDT
I'm definitely in. Loved playing with you guys since MK9.

PSN: oaoo94

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RE: MKO Fight Klub - Registration Thread (PS4)
05/14/2015 11:37 PM EDT
Smh..... I expected more people like when MK9 came out in 2011

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