A double Mortal Kombat X hotfix has resolved lingering gameplay mechanic issues. Among the four characters effected are Ermac and Cassie Cage, whose interactions with Sub-Zero were causing some players critical flaws. What to look for:

  • Ermac (Master of Souls) - Soul Trap no longer drains meter
  • Ferra/Torr (Vicious) – Boss Toss now damage scales correctly
  • Kenshi (KenJutsu) - Head Splitter (Towards+2) & Leaping Sword (Away+2) now auto-face

  • Cassie (Spec Ops) & Sub Zero (Grandmaster) – Game will no longer lock up when a Target Paint rocket hits an Ice Klone.

Xbox players have also had a couple of days to download the recent Gameplay Patch. Released initially to PlayStation 4, the patch includes more substantial alterations to player values and mechanics. It also includes a free Klassic Reptile skin.

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