Raleigh, North Carolina sizzles this weekend as Major League Gaming throws down the Pro Circuit gauntlet to the greatest fighters of the summer season!

The MLG Summer Championship is up for grabs -- along with a tidy prize purse totalling $16,700 -- for the eight Mortal Kombat players who can go the distance! It all kicks off 11:00 AM today (August 25, 2012), with the title to be decided in the evening of August 26 when only the fit have survived!

A rogues gallery of the biggest names in the Mortal Kombat Pro-Circuit tournament scene will be joined by the unwashed title hopefuls willing to face the heat in Raleigh!

Perfect Legend returns to MLG after being forced to pull out of the invitational Summer Fighter Arena special. He returns to a kingdom ruled by Pig of the Hut -- the winner of the Arena special whose trajectory on the scene has propelled him into a comfortable top five spot according to the NFGR system!

Pig of the Hut's rise to summer glory has included third place at the July 2012 Evo Championships, as well as an Evo Series Midwest Championship title victory. What he's missing is the scalp of the two-time Evo World Champion, Perfect Legend -- a rivalry that will hope to play out as they fight for the Summer Championship prize!

Not to be outdone -- CDjr returns as a member of Team DMG, leaving behind his success with vVv Gaming, who have since turned their back on the fighting genre all together. The Evo Runner-up will no doubt be looking to shake his team switch dramas off, eyeing off an Evo 2012 rematch just as much as Pig of the Hut, if not more!

REO, Maxter, Crazy Dominican and Galloping Ghost Arcade's Osu16Bit will also headline in the Summer Championship field!

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