Mortal Kombat Online is proud to present the next iteration of our MKO Tournament - Fight Klub - Ladder Kombat! following up from our previous Tournament and still ongoing Fight Klub! Below is a comprehensive guide explaining the structure of this exciting new venture! The MKO Fight Klub is helmed by it's Director - . Please contact him via PM or e-mail if you have any additional queries.

"Ladder Kombat is your chance to ascend to the top of the charts here at MKO. Offering up Three flavors of play in Ladder Kombat: singles, tag, and mirrors. It Begins on Thursday September 1st 2011 "
"Kombatants. I welcome you. What you see before you is a series of portals that will take you to the realms of our world. We Elder Gods refer to it as the Nexus. As you can see, scores of warriors have been gathered at this location. Your first task is to prove your worth by defeating those around you. Once you have displayed your dominance, I will open a door for you to embark on your spiritual journey." The words of Argus...


Singles is basically like the current tournament play that you see already in MKO Fight Klub, except this is not a tournament format. Earn ranking points, surpass your rivals, and climb to the top of your rung of the ladder (named after the various realms and important locales of Mortal Kombat). If you're already holding the championship and successfully defend your title enough times, you'll unlock something special!


Tag Kombat makes its debut in MKO Fight Klub! We all know that you can bring it in 1-on-1 fights, but can you handle the pressure of a 2-on-2? Prove yourself worthy with double the man (or woman) power and you can also win a tag championship! The same ladders (and "secrets") await you if you play at the top of your game!


Have you ever felt that you are the best with a certain character? Think you have the best Kabal on MKO? Here is where you'll prove it! Fight against other people in mirror matches to see who's the best with a given character. Mirror matches carry a different match structure than the singles and tag formats, which are the standard Fight Klub rules (play a best of three sets, each set is best of seven). Mirror matches are first to five. This is also the only format that allows Freddy and Kratos, so if you want to rock them, enter here!


In all formats, you will be ranked based on your wins, losses, sweeps, who you defeat/lose to, and your championships/title defenses. You will be assigned a point value based on your record (hidden, only Fight Klub Director - m0s3ph will know your point total) and this will determine where you stack up against the competition. Don't worry, tournaments aren't going away. You will still earn (or lose) points in tournament matches, so please, continue to enter them! You will also be informed if you are eligible to challenge for a championship. You must be within 10 points of the champion to be able to challenge for the championship. If you are more than 10 points behind, you may still challenge the champion if you wish, but it will be considered a non-title fight.


Yes, we have installed a series of achievements for you guys to discover and "unlock" for bonus points. If you are the first to unlock a given achievement, it will be revealed for all to see. Everyone who has reached an achievement will be listed under that achievement, and everyone who does so will receive the point bonus. Again, it is very important that you report everything that m0s3ph has asked for when sending him match results, because a lot of these achievements have to do with your fights and who you're using. Good luck getting these...


The month of September will be used to determine the initial rankings. During this time, you may challenge anyone you want in order to set up matches with them. Here are the rules regarding setting up matches and reporting match results:

  • Challenges are to be made to opponents both in the official Thread AND through the PM system. M0s3ph will do his best to contact users myself, but please, do PM them and if you can also find them on XBL/PSN, even better.
  • Remember, Freddy and Kratos are only legal in their respective mirrors ladders. They are not allowed in singles or tag.
  • If you challenge an opponent and they do not respond to you within three days, it is considered a forfeit. Please try to stay on top of this thread as best as you can.
  • Like we stated above, the standard tournament match structure is the rule for singles and tag, and for mirrors, the first player to win five games wins.
  • Once official rankings are established, you are not allowed to challenge a player who is eight or more places ahead of or behind you.
  • You may not challenge the same player twice in a row or more than 2 times in a span of 5 fights. This is so that you fight various people and also so that nobody can farm weaker players for points. The exception to this rule is if the champion loses their title and wants a rematch. Exception to the exception is if they have already reached the requisite number of title defenses to unlock a secret.
  • You are allowed to decline any challenge you wish without penalty. Exception: the champion must take any challenge if the challenger is eligible to have a title match. If they do not have enough points for this, the champion may decline. Remember, you must respond within three days or else it's a forfeit.
  • We're going to need some more information now when you guys report scores, because we want to establish a deep stat-tracking system and without your help, this cannot happen. We need the following from you when reporting a match result: *- The scores of each set, just like before. Example: 4-0, 4-2. *- What character(s) you and your opponent used for each game, and who won each game. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE IT IS TIED TO SOMETHING THAT CAN AWARD YOU BONUS POINTS. Obviously if you're reporting a mirror match, this isn't necessary. Just let me know which character you're reporting for. *- Also let m0s3ph know next to each game's result if any sort of finishing move was performed. Please specify whether it was fatality 1, fatality 2, a stage fatality, or a babality. Why, you may ask? A handsome reward can be yours if certain conditions are met.
  • Disputes will be handled by m0s3ph, jack4813, and [Killswitch].
  • These rules are subject to modification at any time, and without notice. No grandfather clause, either.
  • Finally, amongst all these rules and regulations that m0s3ph is trying to enforce, the most important one that he has to stress is... just have fun with this, okay?


Entry to this enthralling Tournament is as easy as ripping off heads in Outworld. Simply go to the Registration Thread provided below and post your PSN ID and/or your Xbox Live Gamertag. For more comprehensive details on this upcoming Fight Klub Tournament, keep your eyes on the registration thread over the coming days!

"Head on over to the MKO Fight Klub Registration Thread to secure your place in this exciting Tournament! "

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