Official Johnny Cage Strategy & Combo Superthread!
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Official Johnny Cage Strategy & Combo Superthread!
03/29/2012 05:51 PM EDT

Please welcome Mr. John Carlton -- the blue-eyed actor from Venice, California! He's cool, he's hot, he's the star of action classics like the Mortal Kombat series, Dragon Fist, Citizen Cage, and the ever-controversial Ninja Mime! To you, me, and his adoring fans, he's always Johnny Cage.

Allegedly descended from an acient race of Mediterranean warriors, Cage was recently immortalized in stone in statue previews from Syco Collectibles. He's also our next superthread subject (by request)!

Discuss all the latest strategies, combos and counters coming out of Hollywood, in this thread! Remember, no special effects! Cage does his own stunts!

Basic Attacks
Uppercut - Down + 2
Charge Palm - Away + 2 (Hold) [Dash to Cancel]
2-Hit Elbow - Toward + 2
Pop Up - Away + 3
Rising Knee - Toward + 3
Axe Kick - Toward + 4
Sweep - Away + 4

Chain Combos
Out Take - 1, 1, 1
Showtime - 1, 1, Toward + 1
Stand In - 1, 1, 4
Cross Cutting - 1, 3, 2
Widescreen - 2, 1, Toward + 2
Director's Cut - 2, 1, Away + 4
Take Two - Toward + 3, 2
Money Shot - 4, 4
That's the Ticket - Toward + 3, 3, Away +3

Fast Tags (Tag Mode)
Cliffhanger - Away + 2 (Hold), Tag [Requires Full Charge]
Fade Out - Toward + 4, Tag
Bootleg - Away + 3, Tag
Stunt Double - 2, 1, Toward + 2, Tag

Tag Combos (Tag Mode)
Cameo - 1, 3, Tag
Double Feature - 2, 1, Tag
Stand-In - Toward + 3, 3, Tag

Special Moves
Low Forceball - Down, Toward, 2
High Forceball - Down, Away, 2
Flipkick - Down, Away, 3
Shadow Kick - Away, Toward, 4
Nut Punch - Away, Down, 1

Finishing Moves
Heads Up! - Toward, Toward, Away, Down, 3 [Close]
And The Winner Is... - Down, Toward, Down, Toward, 4 [Sweep]
Stage Fatality - Down, Away, Toward, Block [Varied]
Babality - Toward, Away, Toward, 4 [Jump]

Key: [1 = FP] :: [2 = BP] :: [3 = FK] :: [4 = BK]

Threads for all the other characters will be available soon.
Please do not create new threads for other characters. Official superthreads will be easily accessed via the sticky menu, ready and waiting whenever you like!

This post is merely a trailer, showing the basics for what Cage can do.
It's time for the MKOmmunity to appear in the main feature, revealing three acts of butt kicking as only Cage can provide! Post your best and prepare yourself!

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RE: Official Johnny Cage Strategy & Combo Superthread!
03/29/2012 11:41 PM EDT
Johnny Cage's best string is f3. It's extremely positive on block and gives frame advantage. I don't have all the frame data and shit like that, but I'm gonna tell you what I know.

He also has the craziest frametraps in the game. If he has 3 bars and he gets you with a nut punch, it's basically over. HIGHLY recommended if you use Johnny Cage you use his f3 frametraps because that is his best move.

Some good midscreen combos to frametraps are so:

2, 1, f2, dash, f3, f3, nut punch, (Crossover jip, 111, d3, f3, f33 ex forceball, f33b3. That's a pretty good frametrap, but they can get out of it if they decide to not block and the forceballs whiff. They can also get hit on purpose to break.

F4 is a good combo starter aswell.

F4, 2, dash, 2, dash, 2, dash, 44 nut punch, (Crossover jip, 111, f3, (You can also decide to f3 again so if they try to jump back you catch them as an anti-air and can do f3 again to nutpunch, full frametrap.) f33 ex forceball, f33b3.)

Johnny Cage's standing 1 and 2 are GREAT anti-airs. If they try to JIP you, you can either 1 anti-air to full combo and same goes for 2.

Good anti-airs are like so:

1, 11, 11, f3 nut punch, crossover jip to frametrap. You can also do 2, 2, 2, 2, 44 nut punch, crossover jip to frametrap. does 31%

His b3 is a godlike anti-air as well. It can also be used to semi-punish Raiden's teleport, stop crossover jip's, and acts as a great combo starter.

b3, 2, 2, 2, 44 nut punch, crossover jip, 111, to full frametrap.

Johnny Cage is underestimated, and it was shown at MLG when Curbolicous made top 4 with him. Considered to be an "Online Warrior".

Really that's all I can tell for Johnny Cage. His good blockstrings are... F33. Lol. If you hit confirm f33 to nut punch it also acts as a full frametrap. You don't have to crossover jip every single time if you decide to, you can just go ahead for f33 frametraps. I suggest you really take your time with Johnny and practice on the AI. As they rarely jump, you can get your anti-airs down quick and act if it's a real match. Playing offline is the best thing to do with Johnny IMO.

Meh. Not much I can say other then that.

"Damn, I'm good!"
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RE: Official Johnny Cage Strategy & Combo Superthread!
03/31/2012 01:42 AM EDT
I don't use his EX Forceball. I prefer to save my Meter for Breakers and for the X-Ray. Johnny Cage's X-Ray can counter anything. As long as Johnny is attacked with his opponent close to him, Johnny will counter and severely reduce the opponents chances of having kids. Johnny can even counter Cyrax and Cyber Sub-Zero's Bombs, they just have to be close to Johnny when a Bomb detonates. Try not to act like you're waiting for the opponent to attack, and just go on about your business attacking the opponent with blockstrings and stuff. You gotta time the X-Ray right or else all three bars of your Meter will go to waste.

You cannot combo into Johnny Cage's X-Ray, but you can combo out of it, the opponent bounces from the elbow-to-spine part of Johnny's X-Ray. While they are in the air, Johnny has a short window to dash-forward and catch the opponent with a juggle combo. He can end it with a Nut Punch, allowing Johnny Cage to once more start blockstrings, frametraps, and combos. Johnny can catch the opponent by dashing forward and using B+3. I can't do it consistently, so I prefer to just dash-forward and start the juggle with 1.


A gimmicky trick I learned in another part of the web:

Requires all three bars of Super Meter, and anticipation.

While the opponent is in the stagger state from the Nut Punch, wait a second and charge B+2, the opponent will most likely go for a punish after noticing the charging. Dash-cancel the B+2 and activate Johnny Cage's X-Ray.

This is gimmicky 'cause it'll probably only work once.
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RE: Official Johnny Cage Strategy & Combo Superthread!
04/01/2012 07:25 AM EDT

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