Players will soon be asked to agree to changes in the PlayStation Network user agreement as the gaming services accounts officially become part of a publicly rebranded Sony Entertainment Network.

The change is expected to occur February 7, affecting all PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita accounts. Gamespot note policy agreement changes, include the revoking of rights to cancel online pre-orders, have been included with the update. PSN accounts will now be part of Sony Online Entertainment.

PSN first joined the SEN umbrella in August, 2011, a few months after attacks prompted a reordering and relaunch of improved services [in April-May]. Sony Entertainment Network groups online gaming resources with Music Unlimited and and Video Unlimited services.

PSVita Brings Unique Features to Mortal Kombat in April!

Mortal Kombat has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with Sony since the 2011 relaunch of the franchise, most recently announcing the games availability on the PlayStation Network Store [full story], and the arrival of Mortal Kombat on Vita (in April) [full preview]. Sony platforms have all carried the exclusive guest character Kratos as part of the relationship.

Rebranding of the Sony online service is not expected to alter immediate network features. Mortal Kombat Online will attempt to keep players updated with new information. Follow us @MK_Online, or like us on Facebook for updates on the go.