This weekend, Major League Gaming continues its fighting game program with the first-ever Fighter Arena special, live from New York City!

The April 28 Arena event brings back the top eight Mortal Kombat finalists from a massive Winter Championships, pitting them against each other in the ultimate two pool rematch!

All matches will be best of five conditions, with the top two victors in each pool progressing to a single elimination, four-man bracket. A total prize purse of $3,400 will be on the line for the winning half of the group, with contestants delivered all expenses paid! The event will also feature returning competition for Soul Calibur V.

vVv CD Jr and vVv REO will be the men to beat -- top seeds in their respective pools after a dominant year in the Evo Series continued into the first MLG major! They currently occupy the top two ranks according to NFGR, with victories at Apex, Winter Brawl 6 and Final Round XV, between them.

A rigorous schedule will see all the matches decided in a single days viewing! Standard definition streaming will be available free, with HD passes available for $4.99. Details will emerge when available, via The event is expected to last across four fatal hours.

Mortal Kombat Pool B
#2 vVv REO
#3 VSM Maxter
#6 KT Smith
#7 KN Crazy Dominican
Mortal Kombat Pool A
#1 vVv CDjr
#5 riu48
#8 KN DetroitBalln

Current Broadcast Schedule
6:00 PM Pool A vVv CDjr versus KN DetroitBalln
6:15 PM Pool B vVv REO versus KN Crazy Dominican
6:30 PM Pool A CURBOLICIOUS versus riu48
6:45 PM Pool B VSM Maxter versus KT Smith
7:00 PM Pool A vVv CDjr versus riu48
7:15 PM Pool B vVv REO versus KT Smith
7:30 PM Pool A CURBOLICIOUS versus KNDetroitBalln
7:45 PM Pool B VSM Maxter versus KN Crazy Dominican
8:00 PM Pool A vVv CDjr versus CURBOLICIOUS
8:15 PM Pool B vVv REO versus VSM Maxter
8:30 PM Pool A riu48 versus KN DetroitBalln
8:45 PM Pool B KT Smith versus KN Crazy Dominican
9:00 PM Semi Final 1st Place Pool A versus 2nd Place Pool B
9:15 PM Semi Final 1st Place Pool B versus 2nd Place Pool A
9:30 PM Mortal Kombat Fighter Arena Final

The fighting game Spring Fighter Arena special will provide a primer for the Pro Circuit Spring Championship, June 8 - 10 from Anaheim, California!

Mortal Kombat is also eligible to appear by fan-vote in the MLG Prizefights spectacle, potentially pitting some of the best players against each other in spotlight match-ups, May 2 [full story]! Voting is still open on Prizefights Homepage!

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