While the elite athletes of the world count Olympic medals in merry old England -- New York City will play host to feats of fatality and a brutal battle for bragging rights in a tournament called Mortal Kombat!

Major League Gaming presents Summer Fighter Arena -- an event set to challenge eight of the very best tournament kombatants in high stakes elimination competition!

The all-star summer showdown kicks off Friday, August 10, with all of the MLG action streaming live to the web from 4PM EST! Two free standard streams will offer eight hours of coverage, with 720p HD Streaming passes available for just $4.99.

Competitors will be split between two pools, facing each other until the top two from both groups progress to Semi Final eliminations. While eight of the very best will be present and accounted for, there will be a noteable absence of NFGR #1 and Evo 2012 Championship Runner-up, CDjr, as well as current NFGR #4 and MLG Spring Champion, DetroitBalln313. Both attended MLG Spring Fighter Arena and were invited to return for the Summer, but unable to attend.

Mortal Kombat Pool B
#2 PerfectLegend
#3 EGPTyrant
#6 GGA Osu16bit
#7 REO
Mortal Kombat Pool A
#1 DJT1993
#4 Pig of the Hut
#5 GGA Dizzy
#8 Riu48

Current Broadcast Schedule
8:00 PM Pool A DJT1993 versus Pig of the Hut
8:15 PM Pool A GGA Dizzy versus Riu48
8:30 PM Pool B Perfect Legend versus EGPTyrant
8:45 PM Pool B GGAOsu16bit versus REO
9:00 PM Pool A DJT1993 versus GGA Dizzy
9:15 PM Pool A Pig of the Hut versus Riu48
9:30 PM Pool B Perfect Legend versus GGAOsu16bit
9:45 PM Pool B EGPTyrant versus REO
10:00 PM Pool A DJT1993 versus Riu48
10:15 PM Pool A GGA Dizzy versus Pig of the Hut
10:30 PM Pool B Perfect Legend versus REO
10:45 PM Pool B EGPTyrant versus GGAOsu16bit
11:00 PM Semi Final 1st Place Pool A versus 2nd Place Pool B
11:15 PM Semi Final 1st Place Pool B versus 2nd Place Pool A
11:30 PM Mortal Kombat Summer Fighter Arena Final

The Pro Circuit Series special coincides perfectly with the twenty year anniversary of the Mortal Kombat series -- but will the Summer Fighter Arena reveal the tournament scene's equivalent of a Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion?

Two-time Evo World Champion, Carl "PerfectLegend" White, will no doubt be seeking the Supreme Champion mantle -- quite possibly the man to beat at the NYC Arena! Fighting out of the #2 spot, PerfectLegend will have a $1,500 bounty on his head -- with none more eager to claim victory than Pig of the Hut (); the Evo 2012 bronze runner-up who tasted defeat at PerfectLegend's hands at both the Evo Championship and the MLG Spring Championship!

#1 seed DJT1993 will be a dangerman out for PerfectLegend, having already upset the Evo Champ at the MLG Spring Championship! DJT's Sub-Zero remains a serious threat to all, his X-Ray Dash Cancel to Throw a move that will surely haunt PerfectLegend coming in to the eight-man exhibition!

This could also be the time for REO to rise to claim supremacy in a field that dare not under estimate him! The Evo 2012 #1 seed carries impressive credentials into Fighter Arena, among the most dominant competitors in the 2012 season! REO was Champion at Final Round XV, Toryuken and CEO 2012 -- a slick customer with the skills to beat the best!

Mortal Kombat Online sentimental favourite and tournament stalwart,
, shares PerfectLegend's Pool B with REO, as well as dark horse Jax master, EGPTyrant!

Summer Fighter Arena will be a primer for the Pro Circuit Summer Championships - August 24-26 from Raleigh, North Carolina! Follow and discuss the Major League Gaming matches and moments with the rest of the MKOmmunity on the message boards. For last minute updates and stream info follow @MK_Online and like us on Facebook.