The first stop on the Mortal Kombat 11 Pro Kompetition tour is now in the books! Combo Breaker kicked off the 2019/2020 series in Chicago, with a mind blowing 800 players trying their luck over the three day weekend event!

Watch: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Scar emerged from a heated grand final to claim the first major title of 2019! He had to pilot his Sonya Blade to a 3-2 victory over evergreen contender SonicFox, whose Jacqui Briggs walked defiantly into a projectile in the final seconds of the final match.

The win completed a perfect undefeated streak for Scar, who exploded with elation as soon as victory was secured. "Finish him" had barely appeared on the screen when the winner jumped to his feet, joining an ecstatic crowd in celebration after walking off some of the energy on stage. The win secured a $15,000 prize purse, Pro Kompetition points, and bragging rights on Mortal Kombat's home turf of Chicago!

SonicFox had been forced to fight out of the Second Chance bracket having taken an earlier loss to Tweedy. The flawless 2-0 win proved the competitive power of Baraka, dominant over Fox's Jacqui Briggs and Erron Black! It was fitting that eventual winner Scar ended Tweedy's impressive effort, while SonicFox was working his way past DizzyTT, Deoxys, AF0xyGrampa, and Semiij in the revenant run. Fox took his eventual defeat on the chin via Twitter, looking to the future while acknowledging his past: "I TRIIIED!!! The curse lives on with never winning ComboBreaker in an NRS game ???????????? Ill be back stronger for CEO! Thanks for everyone’s support! Happy to lose to one of my training partnere @khscar12 !"

You can relive all three days of competition by watching in the embedded video above. Day 3 features the action and biggest battles from the finals. Or just glance below to see who made-up the first Top 16 for the year!

Combo Breaker Top 16 Finalists & Points Scorers:
#1 Scar (Sonya Blade, Scorpion)
#2 SonicFox (Jacqui Briggs, Erron Black, Skarlet)
#3 Tweedy (Baraka, Geras, Jacqui Briggs)
#4 Semiij (Kitana)
#5 Dragon (Cetrion)
#5 A F0xy Grampa (Cassie Cage, Kung Lao)
#7 Big D (Cetrion, Jade)
#7 Deoxys (Geras, Kitana)
#9 Grr (Geras)
#9 Waz (Jade)
#9 Hayatei (Erron Black)
#9 DizzyTT (Sonya Blde)
#13 EMPR Kombat (Baraka, Raiden, Johnny Cage)
#13 Kitana Prime (Jade)
#13 ForeverKing (Geras)
#13 Biohazard (Kano)
#17 Kevoxreborn
#17 KingGambler
#17 Stabs
#17 Coosco
#17 BeyondToxin
#17 HoneyBee
#17 DJT
#17 Mustard
#25 Han Rashid
#25 Burrito Voorhees
#25 Punk
#25 Jeremiah
#25 Rewind
#25 DJA
#25 RZA
#25 SylverRye

Pro Kompetition: Top 16 Series Rankings:
#1 Scar (350pts)
#2 SonicFox (260pts)
#3 Tweedy (230pts)
#4 Semiij (200pts)
#5 Dragon (140pts)
#5 A F0xy Grampa (140pts)
#7 Big D (70pts)
#7 Deoxys (70pts)
#9 DizzyTT (40pts)
#9 Grr (40pts)
#9 Waz (40pts)
#9 Hayatei (40pts)
#13 Kitana Prime (20pts)
#13 ForeverKing (20pts)
#13 Biohazard (20pts)
#13 EMPR Kombat (20pts)

CEO is the next stop on the North American tour, taking place June 28th-30th in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida. Registration is now open. June 8th will also see the Pro Kompetition host an online event. Will you be attending? We'd love to hear about your competitive journey! Join the discussions on the Gameplay & Matchmaking and Mortal Kombat 11 forums! Learn more about what's in store in the Pro Kompetition Announcement.