Columbus, Ohio will be rocked later today when Mortal Kombat conquers the day at Seasons Beatings - Summerslam!

The next stop on the coveted Road to Evo; Seasons Beatings is an Evo Series event run by Godlike Entertainment, taking the place of their previously known regional Summerslam event. Like all Road to Evo series, it comes with offerings of seeding points to top twelve finishers and a meeting for some of the top tournament talent!

Expected to begin 3PM local time, the MK event will be run in across a single epic Saturday! GGA Dizzy and GGA Wafflez will be among the confirmed competitors contesting the event -- Dizzy no doubt keen to improve upon his 1pt finishes at Final Round XV and PowerUp 2012!

The event will be streamed live online by Medina4life, with a special MK exhibition series streamed by Team Sp00ky, across Sunday.

With major victories at Apex Tournament Series, Final Round XV, MLG Winter Championships, and the first-ever 8-man MLG Fighter Arena exhibition tournament -- vVv CD Jr is left with a clear lead over the Evo Seeding race, and a legitimate claim to the title of Mortal Kombat World Champion!

A strong list of players waiting to dethrone CD Jr at the Vegas 2012 Evo Championships is growing! After seven tournaments, Evo Seeding currently is seeing the cream rise to the top. Will CD Jr's flirtations with the eSports Pro Circuit distract from his Evo pursuits, or is this the refinement that will prepare him for a mercenary field of road weary warriors? A $20,000 prize purse provided by Warner Brothers will be a bounty sure to motivate all concerned.

Evo Seeding Top 10
1. (101pts) vVv CD Jr [3 tournaments]
2. (85pts) vVv REO [3 tournaments]
3. (52pts) FC NYChris G [4 tournaments]
4. (51pts) IKizzLE [2 tournaments]
4. (51pts) Kevo Da Man [2 tournaments]
6. (50pts) IGL DIT [1 tournament]
6. (50pts) FCP Showtime [1 tournament]
8. (25pts) Pig of the Hut [1 tournament]
8. (25pts) IGL MIT [1 tournament]
8. (25pts) FCP Cat [1 tournament]
8. (25pts) Blackula [1 tournament]

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