Not a hoax, not a dream, not an imaginary story! Kombat comes to Canada! The Road to Evo has taken a sharp turn North, arriving this weekend in the shiny city of Toronto, Ontaro for the first-ever Evo Series tournament!

Canada's finest will have to defend from some of the top players as Evo Championship seeding points are sought out by the likes of the New York monsters; vVv CD Jr, vVv REO and VSM Maxter will invade the mapled turf of Evo pointman, WNBA Death, and STB -- who had plenty of heat with CD Jr at Final Round!

The Hyatt Regency Hotel will play host to the tour May 19-20. Day 1 Kombat will whittle the strong from the weak as competition is broadcast live via Toronto Top Tier Stream 2, 5:00PM-8:00PM! Day 2 picks up with the Top 8 on Stream 1, 4:00PM-6:00PM!

A strong list of players waiting to dethrone CD Jr at the Vegas 2012 Evo Championships is growing! After eight tournaments, Evo Seeding currently is seeing the cream rise to the top. Will CD Jr's flirtations with the eSports Pro Circuit distract from his Evo pursuits, or is this the refinement that will prepare him for a mercenary field of road weary warriors? A $20,000 prize purse provided by Warner Brothers will be a bounty sure to motivate all concerned.

Current Evo Seeding Top 10
1. (101pts) vVv CD Jr [3 tournaments]
2. (85pts) vVv REO [3 tournaments]
3. (52pts) FC NYChris G [4 tournaments]
4. (51pts) IKizzLE [2 tournaments]
4. (51pts) Kevo Da Man [2 tournaments]
6. (50pts) IGL DJT [1 tournament]
6. (50pts) FCP Showtime [1 tournament]
6. (50pts) m2dave [1 tournament]
9. (27pts) GGA Dizzy [3 tournaments]
10. (25pts) Pig of the Hut [1 tournament]
10. (25pts) IGL MIT [1 tournament]
10. (25pts) FCP Cat [1 tournament]
10. (25pts) Blackula [1 tournament]

Update (May 20): Eight road weary warriors will contest the Top 8 spots today, springing forth from a standard Evo double-elimination standard. vVv REO, NeoRussel, VSM Maxter & Milky Situation comprise the undefeated winners, while the losers bracket brings back; xSMOKEx, VSM Insuperable, EG Justin Wong & Winter Warz [via Test Your Might].

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