Due to take place in Philadelphia Saturday, December 3rd (today) and Sunday, December 4th, the Northeast Championship (NEC XII) is a major Tournament Event that will be available to stream live by clicking on the following links:

STREAM LINK 1 (Saturday/Sunday): KombatNetwork *Starts at 2 PM local time. (For Euro fans: 8 PM Central European Time)

STREAM LINK 2: (Sunday): TeamSp00ky *Start time - will update!


The tournament will be a treat for Mortal Kombat fans as it will feature an intense variety of the series most memorable titles, including: Mortal Kombat 2011, MK vs DC Universe, MK II, MK Ultimate, and MK Trilogy!


UPDATE: Today's MK2011 stream has been cancelled due to bandwidth priority issues. No news yet on whether or not tomorrow's streams will still air.



MK2011 Tourney is scheduled to start at 2 PM local time with the pool play while the Top8 will take place on Sunday, Dec. 4th (will update with the start time). (Saturday - STREAM LINK 1; Sunday - STREAM LINK 2).

MK Trilogy Tourney is scheduled to start on Saturday, following MK2011 pool play, at cca. 10 PM local time. If MK2011 takes longer than expected, MKT will be moved to Sunday and will start after UMK3 tourney ends (see below). (STREAM LINK 1)

MK vs DC Tourney (and Killer Instinct) is scheduled to start on Sunday, 2 PM local time. (STREAM LINK 1)

MKII and UMK3 Tourneys are scheduled to start on Sunday at 3 PM local time. (STREAM LINK 1)

In case you need help figuring out the hours, please go to World Clock as it will help you out with the schedule. Philadelphia (which is where the tournament takes place) is in the3rd column.

Some of the big names (and their likely to be chosen characters) that will be competing in the Mortal Kombat 2011 Tournament are:

CD Jr.- Jax, Freddy

REO- Kabal

Tom Brady- Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage

Maxter- Cyrax, Raiden, Sektor

Crazy Dominican- Kitana

Chris G- Reptile

Riu48- Sonya

Check- random select for pool play/Scorpion player

DetroitBallin313- Shang Tsung

TS Sabin- Reptile, Kenshi

Krayzie Bone - Cyrax, Ermac, Raiden

To learn more about the Event, please visit the following links: NEC XII Official Site/Online Registration, more Live Stream information, the Location, About the NorthEast Championship and all games and rules.

Massive and special thanks to our forum member, Nephrite, who helped us gather all this valuable information and who brought this News Lead to our attention!

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