Despite not being an official stop on the Road to Evo 2012, a hefty field of eighty-one kombatants crammed the INACAP (Universidad Tecnologica de Chile) venue for a double-elimination Mortal Kombat bracket, at VGM TEC 2012!

The field was whittled down over the course of the day to just eight finalists who will compete January 29 to become the VGM Chilean champion! Fighting for a paid ticket to Las Vegas and guaranteed registration at Evo 2012 are Semi Finalists in both the Winners and Second-Chance Losers Brackets [via]!

Powering into the winners bracket: Semi Final 1 will see ETC McFly take on LaD.LURKER; while Semi Final 2 tests ETC.Devaud against Fire! Also on the card for Day 2: EmE--H2 vs Markos_LP and TC_Sicario vs Dready Style round out competition in the losers bracket.

The VGM TEC 2012 Mortal Kombat finals will be streamed live via at 5:00PM local time . For more details, visit (Spanish). Mortal Kombat Online will update with the winners as information becomes available.

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Edit Jan. 29: Day two in Chile saw the Top Eight players return for their chance to walk the road to Evo Championships 2012 with paid tickets to Las Vegas and registration for the tournament.

Two sets of Semi Finals in winner/loser brackets delivered a tournament finale in the form of LaD.LURKER versus ETC Devaud! With a global audience watching online, their final encounter would be staged in the pit of Hell itself, seeing LaD.LURKER's Raiden take on the ever unpredictable Kabal, marshalled by ETC Devaud!

Fighting out of the second-chance bracket; ETC Devaud was forced to reply two times to LaD.LURKER's front-footed victories in the best-of-five tournament final! The back and forth struggle set up an intense deciding match where Devaud threatened to turn the tables, taking the first round in convincing fashion! LURKER fought a composed second round to even the stakes, leading to a third round torpedo gambit that delivered victory to the undefeated fighter, after a convincing corner assault!

    The VGM TEC 2012 Mortal Kombat Final Eight looked like:
  • 1. LaD.LURKER (Raiden)
  • 2. ETC Devaud (Kabal)
  • 3. TC_Sicario (Kenshi, Sektor)
  • 4. Fire (Kitana)
  • 5. ETC McFly (Kung Lao)
  • 5. EmE-H2 (Kabal)
  • 7. Markos_LP (Mileena)
  • 7. Dready Style (Jax)

February 18 will see the next official stop for Mortal Kombat players on the six month Road to Evo. Winter Brawl will draw a crowd to Philadelphia as top kombatants duke it out for the all-important seeding points offered in the build to the Evo Championships 2012. Mortal Kombat Online will be following the path with you. You can discuss all the tournament action between now and then on the forums.

Certification restrictions in Australia are yet to be fully resolved, eliminating all possibility of Mortal Kombat at the OzHadou Nationals X in Sydney, by default. Though reports continue to be promising, a date of resolution remains unknown [read more].

We'll be watching with interest as VGM TEC 2012 winner, LaD.LURKER enters Evo 2012 later in the year! Special thanks to for providing coverage for Day Two of the Chilean tour. Discuss tournaments, strategies and more on the forums. For live streams and chat, stay tuned to @MK_Online!