For over 20 years, Mortal Kombat Online has been dedicated to providing you the fans with the latest news from this iconic franchise. That will remain true, but soon we are also venturing into new territory as we find new ways to bring the fighting gaming community together. We believe gamers from home deserve an open platform as big as those on the road. So we decided to build a better way for the FGC to play Mortal Kombat Online.

Our new platform will be exclusively available for Xbox gamers on Mixer and Playstation 4 gamers on Twitch. Watch the trailer below and sign up for the limited close beta. We'll be releasing more information soon!

  • Our platform is available for PS4 Gamers on Twitch and XBox One Gamers on Mixer.
  • All Fights Streamed LIVE 24 hours a day.
  • Fights Analyzed in minutes with in-depth detailed reporting
  • Ranked Sets with Opponents of YOUR choosing
  • Study your opponents with complete match history available to the public.
  • Earn your spot in real time on the ultimate leaderboard.
  • Season Support included.

Keep your eyes on our site and follow us on Twitter at @MK_Online and on Facebook for updates as they are available!