This weekend, the official Road to Evo continues when Winter Brawl 6 eminates from Sheraton Suites Hotel in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia!

The "frozen battlegrounds" will be set February 18-19, with competitive tournaments held for the 2011 released Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II (PlayStation 3), Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Xbox 360), and an as yet unannounced game from the more recent catalogue.

Registration begins Saturday morning (18th), with players in hotel vicinity encouraged to register early. Registration at the event costs $35, with an additional $10 fee per game; spectators pay $20 at the door. Top ranking tournament regular, Tom Brady, is among the players expected to compete.

No more than eight pools will decide the final field for Mortal Kombat, with the top two from each group advancing to a top sixteen double elimination bracket. Pool heats will be spread across the day from 1PM to 9PM local time, with the draw confirmed as 12PM. Top sixteen streams will be available live online from The Kombat Network, until the final eight, where Team Spooky will take over.

As an official Road to Evo tournament, the top twelve particpants will receive seeding points toward final bracket placement in the Evo Championships, later in the year. The Winter Brawl 6 winner receives 50pts, while the runner-up collects 25pts, third place 10pts, and the remaining nine, 1pt each.

More information about venue and contest is available at Mortal Kombat Online will be following tournament results as they become available. Share the tournament experience with fellow enthusiasts, on the forums. World Game Cup 2012 will also be under way this weekend, pitting players from across Europe against one another [full bracket].

Mortal Kombat Online is following the complete Road to Evo!

OzHadou Nationals X will take place during the same weekend, in Sydney, Australia, but will not feature Mortal Kombat. The game was infamously refused classification in 2011 [full story], banning the game. A revised system accomodating adult gaming is expected in 2013, but it is unlikely banned games will be revised unless they are resubmitted by the companies that own them.

Final Round kicks off March 2nd, continuing the Road to Evo 2012. For a complete listing of upcoming official events, revisit our Evo 2012 announcement. For live updates and more, follow us @MK_Online. Discuss tournaments, tiers and strategies on the MKO forums!