Through rumor and speculation, he's already been a constant presence looming over Injustice: Gods Among Us. He was one of Mortal Kombat Online's top wishlist characters in 2012, and appeared in frequent story mode sightings published by magazines [full story]. After a long wait, Black Adam has now officially joined the playable roster!

True to speculation, the Black Marvel was previously featured in story mode trailers. Clad in Egyptian inspired alternate attire, he made a significant appearance during the recent Lex Luthor Trailer -- seen pursuing the armored villain through the skies over 'Regime City.'

Black Adam is one of the oldest characters appearing in Injustice, acquired into the DC Comics stable with the purchase of Fawcett Comics and their Captain Marvel properties, in the seventies. Despite a published debut in 1945's Marvel Family #1, the black sheep of the Shazam clan did not become a regular fixture until the DC purchase.

Having endured various revisions to his origin story; "Teth-Adam" is defined as the distant forebear of the power of Shazam -- a corrupt champion chosen in Ancient Egypt. He possesses abilities inspired by the deities of the era: The stamina of Shu; the swiftness of Heru; the strength of Amon; the wisdom of Zehuti; the power of Aton & the courage of Mehen. Like Captain Marvel, he transforms into his mystically powered alter-ego by saying the Wizard's name - Shazam. Unlike Marvel, however, Black Adam typically chooses to remain in his powered form.

Black Adam remained a villainous presence through to the nineties, battling Captain Marvel as his dark counterpart, and even Superman in some stories. It was in the early 2000s that the character reached new popularity as a morally ambiguous figure appearing in the pages of JSA and Hawkman.

During the Black Reign storyline, he returned to his ancient home in the modern day fictional nation of Khandaq. Leading a small band of allies [including Atom Smasher], he launched a brutal coup, conquering the nation to become its new ruler in opposition to the corrupt forces at play. He continued his rule, establishing his own Black Marvel Family until their murder by a new incarnation of the Monster Society. The emotional blow led Black Adam to invade the neighbouring nation of Bialya, where he single-handedly slaughtered almost three million of its citizens.

With some less than subtle parallels between Black Adam's comic book trials and the Gods Among Us transformation of Superman -- it's easy to imagine where the characters allegiances will lie in Injustice! Will it be that straight forward, though? Your guess is as good as ours.

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