As promised, Creative Director Ed Boon was live at the 2013 Evo Championships to reveal the first new Injustice: Gods Among Us downloadable character since the conclusion of the four-character Season Pass. To the surprise of few, Martian Manhunter has finally concluded the leap from background cameo to fully playable design!

Also joining the DLC line-up is a Green Lantern skin inspired by the long requested John Stewart version. Although well entrenched in comic book lore -- having taken the mantle after his debut in 1971 -- the character is perhaps best known for his conscientious inclusion in the Bruce Timm produced Justice League cartoon. As is true of most Green Lantern Corps characters: Stewart can be characterized by his unique use of his power ring. It is as yet unknown if the skin will alter the Green Lantern's play style.

Martian Manhunter has been a staple of the Justice League for decades and proved a fairly shocking omission from the original playable cast of Injustice. His status has long been regarded as making him the heart of the Justice League, if not the DC Universe itself. The popular hero had innocuous beginnings as an intrigue character introduced to Detective Comics in 1955, but has grown in status, making use of a raft of abilities that dub him the 'Swiss army knife' of superheroes. Trademarks include shape-shifting & molecular manipulation, invisibility, super-strength, flight, & telepathy. His detective alias of John Jones gets a hatless nod in the intro, but hardcore J'onn J'onnz comics fans may find the Injustice representation a passing grade and no more. A consistent criticism throughout Injustice can be the trade-off of NetherRealm's newfound tournament credibility at the expense of creative depth [full review].

Last year, Mortal Kombat Online named Martian Manhunter our #1 in the Top 10 DC Heroes we most wanted to see in Injustice. The hero was teased recently in a post-credits Scorpion DLC trailer cameo. More downloadable characters are anticipated, with Doctor Fate and Black Canary topping speculation, among many others.

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