Kryptonian menace General Zod is the fourth and final character in the Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC Season Pass! The villain made his playable debut on the floor of E3 [full story], and in a featured appearance during last night's Clueless Gamer review on Conan [watch it]!

Thanks to the Injustice Facebook; you can now scrutinize Superman's cinematic arch-nemesis in all his Injustice glory [below].

Damn! Alex Perry looks pissed!
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Contrary to previous reports; the Injustice version of Zod has very little in common with recent incarnations from comic books, or film. In fact, tracing the inspirations behind the bald NetherRealm design is easier said than done. At a stretch, you might find vague references to the grizzled, bald Zod designed by Jim Lee for 2004's For Tomorrow. Otherwise, it's in the neighbourhood of this and that.

Like any Kryptonian exposed to Earth's yellow sun - Zod possesses all the amazing powers associated with his heroic junior: Superman. That strength, durability, flight and heat vision are put to good use in the Injustice downloadable character's move set -- best captured by the Super Move that plows opponents through the Earth's Moon, before sending them back to terra firma! The impressive special attack was featured in the Conan segment.

The announcement of General Zod obviously syncs up well with the wide release of The Man of Steel in cinemas (today) -- but you'll have to wait until July to download the movie villain as fighting game DLC.

Michael Shannon stars as a different, but equally powerful version of the character made famous in 1980 by Terrence Stamp (in Superman II). At present, it seems unlikely there'll be any alternate skins based on either movie incarnation. Creative Director Ed Boon described the trials involved in likeness rights and internal edicts during a 2008 Mortal Kombat Online interview: "... we can't make our Superman look like Christover Reeve or Brandon Routh or anybody who's played him before. We need to make our own Superman."

Season Pass DLC characters are available individually for $4.99 (or 400 MS Points). Lobo, Batgirl & Mortal Kombat's Scorpion are available now. The possibility of future character releases remains likely, pending confirmation [full story]. Martian Manhunter has already been teased in a post-credits trailer cameo.

DLC is expected to finally reach the Nintendo Wii U version in the Summer! Costume packs based on Blackest Night & Red Son are newly released for PSN and XBL ($2.99ea). Learn more about the history of [Black Lantern] Superman in a special Mortal Kombat Online feature!