NetherRealm Studios' mobile development is going from strength to strength -- the recent announcement of January's WWE Immortals adding to a resume anchored by Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The DC Comics superhero app has continued to receive extensive support, adding regular content updates, special events and a major overhaul that introduced multi-player in April. A hack of the most recent December update has revealed new characters on the way! WasdUK reports a Mortal Kombat X Scorpion is among the looming additions uncovered by industrious users!

Scorpion first joined the Injustice console fighter as a guest DLC character, in June 2013. The Mortal Kombat icon made the leap to the mobile app with his fellows, wearing the same special design created by superstar comic book artist Jim Lee. The new addition will introduce Scorpion's 2015 Mortal Kombat X design -- first seen in the now classic MKX announce trailer [pictured above]!

Also revealed in the hack - fan-favourite Milestone Comisc alum Static (Static Shock), Batman of the future, Tim McGinnis (Batman Beyond) and Superman (Godfall)!

With WWE Immortals seemingly striking a Mortal Kombat version of the app off the release window, could this be the beginning of more MKX characters invading Injustice? Mortal Kombat Online discussed the concept of a piecemeal approach to a Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe sequel earlier this year.

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