His work has been featured by the likes of Kotaku, and appropriated by fans across the web. Artist Sergey Svistunov is better known to MK Online users as fear-sas, but fandom at large is about to know him as a Mortal Kombat X designer!

Advertised as a GameSpot exclusive [full story]: Kold War Scorpion [above] was the first piece of design art to elevate fear-sas from highly talented fan, to professionally featured artist.

The design will appear in Mortal Kombat X as a playable DLC skin for the series' most enduring icon. Reimagining the ninja spectre as a ghostly soldier of the Soviet Union; the concept owes at least residual inspiration to the work of Mark Millar & Dave Johnson - the team behind Superman: Red Son. Their 2004 Eisner Award winning mini-series reimagined Superman as a Soviet participant in 1950s cold war tensions. NetherRealm Studios brought the Elseworlds incarnations to life in Injustice: Gods Among Us, also introducing versions of characters not featured in the original story [read more].

Fans watching the trailer reveal for the Mortal Kombat X: Kombat Pack may have recognized another of fear-sas' designs coming to the fore. The surprise downloadable reintroduction of Tremor closely echoes his "Mortal Kombat Tremor" -- a fan-art piece originally created in 2014.

Distancing the character from his Special Forces palette swap origins; the new design conjures popular fan-fiction with a more overtly earth-powered warrior. No longer a mere bruiser pounding the ground - this Tremor literally holds the power of sediment in his rocky hands!

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