Fan campaigns and petitions have become a staple of social media fandom throughout the promotional life of Mortal Kombat X. For every omitted character and potential crossover - there is likely one or more attempts to support it to reality.

Not all petitions are created equal, but occasionally a sound idea and swell of interest breaks out from the ever growing pack. Nearing 4,000 e-signatures at the time of this writing - the message behind We Want An MK Lore Encyclopedia has been heard loud and clear!

The petition has been tirelessly circulated by fan Myke Snow. Among the most prominent supporters of an MK Encyclopaedia is Shawn Kittelsen. As writer of DC Comics' Mortal Kombat X series, he's helped usher Mortal Kombat in its return to print, and spent much time digging into character history, whilst navigating the pitfalls of unreliable online sources. Many NetherRealm Studios staff have also shown enthusiasm and support, including MKX Producer Andrew Stein, and Cinematic Director Dominic Cianciolo!

DK Publishing are no strangers to cataloguing elaborate fiction.

The ultimate target of this particular petition is Dorling Kindersley - DK Publishing: a multi-national publisher owned by merged book giant Penguin Random House. Penguin also own Primas Games, who were unable to print a Mortal Kombat strategy guide for this year's release [full story].

Specializing in easy to read reference books; DK Publishing have become well known for their visual encyclopaedia based on major pop cultural brands, including: Star Wars, Lego, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Capcom, and more. This pedigree makes them well qualified to created a printed tome based on over twenty years of Mortal Kombat saga, that's both informative, and visually striking.

While sites like Mortal Kombat Online and apocryphal Wikipedia may provide easy reference for series lore - the advantages of a printed book are clear. A hardcover edition becomes a tactile collectible item for die hard fans. It immortalizes characters in visual artwork, and with proper research and care, can become a valued source of rich in-fiction information. If you've played the games, but wondered about the ins and outs of character history - this is what you want! Given Mortal Kombat's uniquely fostered story and universe, this is the fighting game franchise to write about!

Sources close to the subject suggest DK Publishing is both aware of the petition, and interested in exploring the potential for a Mortal Kombat Encyclopaedia. The journey to print may still be a long one, though.

Fans should continue to show their support by signing the petition, and go further by sharing their interest on the forums! Help spread the word and support the cause by liking & sharing this story via @MK_Online & Facebook!