The time has come for the Mortal Kombat Online Community to choose their preferred Exclusive Custom Statuette and create its unique design!

Like we reported in our first article back in July, Syco Collectibles offered Mortal Kombat Online this unique opportunity and we are excited to announce that we have advanced to the finals.

After a tight competition that featured 12 Popular Nominees, we concluded Round 3 with the Top 2 most voted statues:

The MK Dragon and Motaro (MK9)

(pictures are not their final design and just represent the general idea)

Only one of them will stand as the Final Winner! Either the iconic MK Dragon or the Centaur Motaro! One will become the Custom Statuette that will represent the MK community. Remember: the winner and its unique design will be chosen and created by YOU!

In this Finale, we will determinate the pose and special design of your chosen statue. Whether you want them performing a special move, an iconic pose, or a Fatality attack, it is up to you to decide.

You must proceed to the second post of this article in order to read the rules and cast your final vote.

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